MPs Allied to DP Ruto Give Tuju 7-Day Ultimatum to Provide Crucial Jubilee Party Documents


Jubilee Party Deputy Secretary-General Caleb Kositany on Monday, July 13, wrote to Secretary-General Raphael Tuju giving him 7 days to furnish him with crucial financial documents.

Kositany asserted that he wrote on behalf of 100 Members of Parliament and 500 MCAs who were bonafide members of the party.

Kositany claimed in the letter that previous requests for the documents had been ignored. He had alleged in June that corruption was being perpetuated at the party’s Pangani Headquarters, sparking a storm.

Among documents he sought to be provided with are approved budgets, procurement records, certified bank statements, finance and audit committee reports, tenancy agreement for the Pangani building, schedule of all salaries and wages and the schedule of all pending bills.

“May I get this information within the next seven (7) days of this letter. I believe the seven (7) days’ timeline is achievable owing to the fact that the information sought is within your records.

“In the event that the same are not availed or substantive response made within the stated timeline, we shall be left with no option but to seek redress elsewhere,” Kositany wrote.

The Soy MP had sensationally claimed that millions were being spent on tea and snacks at the party headquarters, claiming it was part of a scheme to siphon public funds.

He called for the Office of the Auditor-General to look into the party’s financial records claiming a section of officials were behind the alleged fraud.

Speaking to a local publication on Wednesday, July 1, Jubilee Party Vice-Chairman David Murathe claimed that Kositany came up with the allegations to pre-empt his ouster from the party leadership.

He alleged that Kositany was aware that he was lined up for removal at the next meeting of the Jubilee National Executive Council (NEC).

Tying the planned ouster to the purge on allies of Deputy President William Ruto, Murathe advised Kositany to seek clarity on party finances from the treasurer Abraham Mutai, who also happens to be an ally of the Deputy President.

“Caleb knows that he will be kicked out of the party in the next NEC meeting for gross misconduct and insubordination. He is looking for an excuse.

“In fact, the NEC meeting was already supposed to have taken place but changes to the President’s schedule meant we had to postpone it. It will happen very soon,” he stated while accusing him of gross insubordination and misconduct.



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