Mr. and Miss Chuka University Crowned in a Colorful Culture Week Ceremony

The newly Crowned Mr and Miss Chuka University

The week ending has been full of activities in Chuka university as it held its cultural week. Both students and staff were involved to the fullest through the event. They all took part in various activities to make the event a success. It took place as from 23 to 26.The just concluded event event has been considered a success by many on the scale of comparison with the previous ones.

The newly Crowned Mr and Miss Chuka University

Students and staff were involved all through in various events. Most notably were ball games; football, handball, rugby, volleyball and other games e.g hockey. Other activities that took place throughout the week were cultural songs presentation, comedy, dances, drama among others.

The major goal for the week was to recognize diversity as per the theme “diversity our strength and not our weakness”. All the tribes in the university were involved to the maximum.
Games were played at the faculty level and winners in each category were recognized.  Football winners were from the faculty of Arts and Humanity, Rugby trophy was taken by the faculty of education and resources development which also won volleyball men while women’s trophy went to the faculty of business. Hockey winners were from the faculty of agriculture.
Among the cultural dances,the dominant community thus the Tharaka emerged heads up followed by the Kalenjin the while the third came was the luhya with their traditional circumcision song .Other activities recognized was modelling for the male and female, dances e.g 254 and salsa dance. Students were also encouraged to know their HIV/AIDS status through the service that was provided by the university.
chukaThe final day was graced by guest of honour Mr George Otieno who was presentinting the governor of Tharaka Nithi county Hon Samuel Ragwa who had some other functions to attend. Also invited was the member of parliament for Chuka Igambang’ombe, Onesmus Muthomi who opted not to attend because of personal commitments but send his representative .
In attendance was professor Erastus Njoka the vice chancellor who facilitated the event. He was quite impressed with the vast amount of talents in Chuka and promised to uplift it to ensure the talented comrades achieve their dreams. He later went ahead to reward all the top individuals in each category.
Check out some of the moments captured in pictures….
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  1. i am glad part of thoz guys in maasai shukas bt, mnatupotosha i agree with mr chuka bt huyo si miss chuka, mwenye ameandika thz article hve irrrlevant info, that lady in black is miss chuka, cate lagat

  2. djuniour acha utani….hahaaaa ati awafikii wa egerton.But pia wako juu kiasi bt awajafikia wa moi jo

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