Multimedia VC Ordered to Review Damage Fee Charges By Parliamentary Education Committee


Last month we witnessed several universities and other institutions for higher learning indefinitely closed following strikes for different grievances and circumstances. Multimedia university was among the few institutions closed for a period of three weeks from Feb 9th -3rd March 2015.

On Tuesday 24th March, 2015 Prof. Festus Kaberia was questioned to explain to the National Assembly’s educational committee why Multimedia university of Kenya students were overcharged by asking them to pay Ksh. 8 million to buy a new vehicle and since it allegedly would have been repaired at only Ksh. 800,000.

Every student was required to pay Ksh. 3,646 as the damage fee which many never managed to get thus ending up postponing studies. As I report this my classmate and several hostel mates have not yet reported back due to lack of 3646.

It was too unfortunate as Prof. Kaberia allegedly couldn’t give grounds for the criteria which was used to punish the students to the committee. According to his explanation, the students were charged Ksh. 13 million to cater for destruction to property and loss of business to the institution’s three star hotel known as the Club House. Ksh. 8 million went to the purchase of the new vehicle while the other Ksh. 6 Million was channeled to other properties.

MuLTIMEDIA UNIVERSITY OF KENYAHe said to the committee “They destroyed the vehicle completely and plucked off parts of it. It was written off as it was destroyed about 50 per cent. Insurance could not pay and that is why we surcharged such a huge amount of money.”

The big question remains “Is it the Vandalized Toyota Prado with only shattered windows?”

During the meeting, Julius Melly, the committee vice-chairman directed the MMU boss to review the charges terming it as unacceptable and unreasonable charge.

He said, “We are asking you and the university council to review the charges. Blanket punishment is not good. We do not want a situation where those who were not involved get punished.  I’ve never seen students punished for loss of business during a strike. It’s is unfair,”

Susan Chebet from Elgeyo-Marakwet addressing the committee said the learning institutions should look other working ways of solving issues amicably without closing the school. Only 3,837 student’s have resumed learning.



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