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“Chaguo la Campo” (Chaca Awards) is an Awards event aimed at recognizing and appreciating all the talents and gifting in various categories within Egerton university. Through Chaca Awards, talents are not only appreciated but also encouraged to grow and become even bigger. After close to five years, Chaca Awards are back, bigger and better.

EventThis year’s event has several categories in which students from Egerton university are invited to participate. These categories include:
1. Musicians
2. Comedians
3. Theatre
4. Bands
5. Mcees
6. Deejays
7. Dance Crews
8. Poets
9. Writers
10. Spoken Word Artists
11. Models
12. Photographers
13. Fine Artists
14. Designers
15. Best Student Leader
16. Best Student Personality and many more.

But before the main event that will be happening in September, Crystal Dee Entertainment, IVSum, I Choose Life, Cocacola and Magazine Reel have come together to organize a Pre Chaca Awards Event this coming Friday at Education Theater 2 (ET2) from 7:00pm. The Pre Chaca Awards Event is all about getting the nominees for the various categories and opening the voting lines for their fans and followers to vote for them for an agreed period of time.

For REGISTRATION of the various Artists and more info contact the following numbers: 0715637426, 0720464163, 0728086855, 0729609399 or 07258282012.

The ET2 Event is an Advance Tickets Only event with a limited number of ADVANCE TICKETS only available from Students Centre. No tickets will be sold at the door. The tickets are going for Ksh. 150.

The winners of the various categories will be determined thruogh voting by their fans and will be awarded in the main event (Chaguo la Campo – CHACA AWARDS) in September 2015.




  1. i donno y pple are being ignorant about this whole thing thinking about themselves and forgetting theas much effort thats been put to work this out… ndo uulize kuhusu drinks ulipewa any ukiattend the pathetic miss eger thing… this is a matter of supporting someone willingly…

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