MUST READ!!!; Experiences of the ‘No Nonsense’ Teacher on Practice

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Now, this week been a crazy one. I had a class but no idea on where the class was located. I ended up getting lost along the corridors that saw me get back to the staffroom for direction.


airplay teacherInterestingly, I had arrived to the class but assumed I wasn’t welcome there for a teacher was in seriously doing her thing.


All in all, I got to the class and taught on the prophecies to a class that first demanded I introduced myself for to them. I was a dark strange face.


The following day, I woke up rather late than is always my daily routine. The first thought was on the messy clothes that demanded for an iron on them bearing in mind the power to our quarter had been disconnected.


I immediately got hold of the day’s outfit and the iron then headed to some small office at the chaplaincy to do the straightening. Soon after the day was on, I didn’t have a class on this particular day meaning I was the lazy one in the staffroom.


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Wait, the Wi-Fi isn’t as I had anticipated, talk of the slowest connection that is beaten by my handsets connection speeds. Day ended at about 10.20pm when I left the teacher’s corner to the sleeping zone, remember, I still had to share a bed at the quarter for the mattresses had ran out before my arrival.

Now on this very day, the morning was okay. A new TV had been purchased but all the teachers present didn’t know how to get the new one into place, of course I took the chance to shine by being the solution.


Soon afterwards, the timetable was delivered only to discover that I got 9 classes, 3 short of what was expected. Meaning, I had to get more classes, something the school chaplain gladly assisted by donating his form one class, and luckily they haven’t reported.


Then, news got in that I was to have an interview in Nairobi at exactly 8. The hustle to get a “leave out” started with a visit to the deputy principal who gave in, maybe because I didn’t have a class on that fateful day!!!!!!!!!!!


Just before lunch hour, I decided to check into a class only to realize I had missed a lesson that was to end a minute after I got into the class.

Here, the only way out was to ask for a make-up that I called a remedial only to be corrected by the disappointed students that it would be a catch up and not a remedial, maybe because they know a remedial gets me a 500 bob smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The last day in the week was a flat one, I missed school but of course with an express permission from the Principal who sounded friendly than I had judged after hearing him speak in the staffroom the previous day.


The weekend……………… just the end of week for there is nothing to smile about. The routine is on with the goal being getting the schemes of work for the term done.


See you after week two is done here in a world of its own……………. The journey just started.

Yours truly

The “No Nonsense teacher”



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