Mwangi Kiunjuru Insinuates Support for DP Ruto, Points Accusing Finger at Uhuru Kenyatta

Mwangi Kiunjuri

Former Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri has addressed his ties with DP William Ruto after speculations that the two had entered into a pact ahead of the 2022 presidential election.

While Appearing on JKLive on Wednesday, July 1, the politician explained that he had not formed a partnership with Ruto as many had presumed.


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He went on to explain that he was not naive to think that anyone could be handed a coalition position in a silver platter but arguing that the DP would carefully select his running mate after studying a number of factors.

“With over 25 years of experience, I will be naive to think that positions are given, you earn your position.

“DP William Ruto, when he decides who becomes his running mate, he has to look at so many things. Are you capable and do you have the support that is required?” explained Kiunjuri.

“Personally, my major interest, for now, is to ensure I galvanise support. I bring my troops together so that if we are going for any bargain, it is not given but according to our strength,” he added.

The former CS also disclosed how President Uhuru Kenyatta’s public reprimand that aired on national television affected his family.


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He revealed that it was the highest form of humiliation he had suffered in his life which happened during a trip to Namibia.

“I was serving at the mercy of the president. The reason why I was fired was not given. The president can hire or fire at any given time. The president never said anything about why he fired me.

“The President reprimanded me in public, on national television and I always remember that because that was the highest form of humiliation I have ever gone through,” he remarked.

“In fact, I remember my son was watching that evening television. I still feel pain for him,” Kiunjuri continued.

During the Namibia trip, Uhuru wasn’t too pleased that Kiunjuri didn’t write down what various speakers had said.


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“I see my brother Kiunjuri has just opened his notepad to write what I am saying. He was not interested in writing what these Kenyans were saying.

“Maybe it’s because it had nothing to do with Agriculture. He forgets he is a Minister of the Republic of Kenya,” stated Uhuru.

Shortly after the encounter, Kiunjuri was fired from the cabinet by the president and in a statement, Kiunjuri had stated that he felt relieved.

Six months later, he launched his own political party, The Service Party, which spots a conspicuous yellow colour that brought memories of  DP Ruto’s defunct URP party.

“People establish parties so that they can be able to form the government or if they happen to be in the opposition to ensure that they influence the government and articulate their issues independently,” he explained.


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He has since ruled out running for a Gubernatorial seat in 2022 but has not revealed whether he will aim for the presidency.



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