Essay on My First Day on Campus

My First Day on Campus
Group study session with four students

My dream came true, and I entered university. I already was there, but I was not a student. A lot of people said that it is not necessary and I will spend money on studying I need to return, but when you are sure about your decision, there is no turning back. It is possible that I’m lucky in general or I was lucky that year, but I met great people who became my friends later. I knew that i have a bed in room number 44B. There were two guys there who became my soulmates, but it was not obvious that day. I got the most uncomfortable bed right behind the window. The problem was that from another side of the window there was a street lamp. Thanks to it now I can sleep in any conditions. That was the first lesson. If you are the last, you get the worst.

Both my roommates were the second-year students, so they felt some responsibility for my campus education, that is fundamentally different from the term ‘education’ we used to. Here are some tips, and I think I will never say how many of them I use.

There was a secret list of lecturers who don’t care if you visit their subject or not. It means that you can do some homework and come only to the exam. This brilliant list can save time if you prefer to do some other things during university. There was a score near every surname so you can decide if it is dangerous or not to miss this subject.

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I was told to find a clever guy fond of studying among my classmates and try to keep in touch with him. Thanks to them, I was always in the know of tasks and would always get lecture notes. I might have been that guy, but that day, it was not obvious.

Head of our hostel should become my best friend. Thanks to it, I could enter anytime and do a lot of forbidden things. They didn’t give tips about how to get this kind of friendship (it was my problem), but in fact, it was one of the best advice I ever got on the campus.

I got a map of fraternities and sororities. It was not necessary to choose one of them, but it was extremely necessary to understand them if I didn’t want to get into trouble. I did, so I could be very careful not to mix them up in my mind.

Never talk to girls from the cheerleader team, because they all are for boys who are in for sports. I am a sportsman, if chess is a sport; in another case, I was zero in sport. However, I ignored this rule, that is how I got a broken hand and my beautiful wife at the same time, but that is another story.

There were some other rules. The list was very long, and it was something useful in every sentence. Not only because of my two friends and their advice I will remember that day all my life. It was the start of a new world, new people, new rights and obligations very far from home and previous relations. Thanks to every next day, I became who I am now, and I’m thankful for this my university years, and I wish everyone to walk this road of responsibility and young madness at the same time.



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