My Mother made me a Gay, Kisii University Student Confess

gay, Kisii University staff Matiangi Helb, kisumu campus

Tom* (not his real name) a fourth-year student in one of the institutions in Kisii county joined campus in 2014 and ever since he stepped into campus, his sexuality has been into a gay.

He has been in this lifestyle for almost four years now and in various homosexual relationship within the university.

Tom opened up about how he turned into gay.

The roots of my sexuality´╗┐

Since my single mum brought me up as the only child, I have been lying on her chest until I finished my high school. This made me feminine as she also bought teddy bears for me. I would even tie my towel high on my chest after the shower. I did whatever I saw her do.

Life on campus

Since I joined campus, I have seen beautiful ladies all over but I have had no feelings for them, no matter how seductive they look.But when I first walked into my first ever class on campus, I noted this light skinned guy, mike*, who looked charming and handsome to approach but I had no guts because I had not learnt about his sexuality.

I grew a strong feeling toward this guy that I started stalking him on his social media. All this time, I met other crush but remained silent.

Hell broke loose when I went to town for some drinks and met Mike and his girlfriend having some good times too.

We become friends and I later asked him out for some drink. This is the day I understood that he was gay but having a girl as an undercover.

That fateful night, I lost my virginity to him. It was in November 2014.Ever since then I have been having anal sex with multiple partners as play the bottom role.

I even had a county government sponsor who has a family but he could not resist me.

I have never had anyone to settle for but my dream is to fly overseas and marry a gay partner because I don’t like how we are judged in Kenya.

Every man who comes into my room and eats my food will always come back for more. I don’t use any drug nor charm.

Kisii town has a lot of homosexuals but they keep a low profile due to the society.

No second thought

No single lady can change what I am but I like being in a company of ladies for me to understand how to treat a man and how to be a wife.

Neither have I had sex with a lady nor be intimate with them. I have not regretted my lifestyle but neither will I blame my mum. After all am a unique speciality of the boy child.


Homosexuality in Kenya is illegal under the constitution and a taboo according to the ethics of the Kenyan communities.



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