National Dialogue Is Not The Antidote


Political aloofness is a disease that I am immunized against. My political leanings have always been unequivocal and unambiguous. That’s why the current high political temperature that is generated by the return of “Baba” from his highly publicized sojourn in the land of opportunities can’t cool down before giving my opinion to all and sundry. As he travelled back, CORD lieutenants outdid each other by dancing themselves lame and shouting themselves hoarse as a show of loyalty to “Baba”. Woo unto you if you were perceived to be against “Baba’s” ideology. Kidero knows this better. I was keen to comprehend what he had in store for Kenyans after a long stay in Boston, only to be disappointed upon realization that National Dialogue was what he had for us.

Before his dispatch from Kenya, there was more political noise about the “Men in Black” in the sham ODM elections and the standard Gauge Railway contract in which he was adversely mentioned. His deafening silence on these issues has made them to be the elephant in the room. National dialog is being used as a red herring to reroute our focus from the main concerns to be addressed. The 60-day ultimatum and a call for action on the famous Saba Saba day if the President would not have convened preparatory talks between the Jubilee Coalition and the CORD coalition to agree on the agenda and timetable for the national dialogue raised my red flag.

RAOIn one of the local TV stations, “Baba” was heard saying that five members should come from the Jubilee side and five from the CORD side to constitute the committee and come up with the Agenda. How do you constitute a committee without an Agenda? Let me assume the Agenda is about high cost of living, corruption and insecurity because these are the major issues affecting our country. If that’s the case, then what is the work of Parliament, Senate, and County Assemblies if not to engage the executive in dialogue? CORD senators should be in the forefront spearheading this dialogue in the senate rather than in funerals and political rallies. What are CORD governors doing to address the issues bedeviling our country? “Baba” should tell us what his governors have done to show that he is actually a serious alternative. If that’s not the case, all this National dialogue hullaballoo is nothing but hogwash.

Finally, I have not heard nor seen CORD nominating or electing its shadow cabinet. I thought the opposition is a government in waiting! If in CORDs utopia the Jubilee government disintegrates, where is the proof that CORD will be any better? According to Mutahi Ngunyi, CORD is interested in a Kenyan spring that is synonymous to the Arab spring while masquerading under the banner of National dialogue. If this is not the case, why should Raila incite Kenyans to boycott work on “Saba saba” day? If I go ahead and boycott, will he pay my bills? I think these are some of the reasons why Ukambani MPs have started boycotting CORD rallies. If they proceed with this myopic strategy, they are going to lose most of their staunchest supporters like me.

CORDs relevance has been blurring towards oblivion after the general election. Since its momentum has lost steam, Raila Odinga and his CORD fraternity want to use the national dialogue to re-brand and sustain momentum. It seems that according to CORD, the more you talk, the more you remain relevant, the content of your talk notwithstanding. What they should know is that we have a legally elected government that was given a five year mandate to run this country. That’s a fact that is hard to accept for us who didn’t vote for it. If we are dissatisfied with it, we’ll vote it out come 2017. But if by 2017 CORD would not have given us sufficient evidence that they are the better option, then they should brace themselves to stay for long warming the opposition benches.




  1. Very good and sober advice, its true that as a country we have major problems that need to be addressed. however we cant address them by creating new problems in the country. Cord leadership seems to be thirsting for power and their plan is to take it without regards for the Kenyan citizenry.

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