No More SALSA DANCES for My Girlfriend


Each one of you can bear me witness that last week was a very busy one at Egerton. A week where most of us were attacking their CATs. As much as the week was becoming busy the amount of coin in our pockets was dropping. Maybe it was a better one for that who is not married in campus. Those of you who keep diaries will bear me witness that the daily diary space was not enough.

On Monday morning I was having a conversation with my girl friend(Attacher). She was telling me on how she wants to dress in the crazy wear day.

Salsa“I want to dress in a micro mini skirt.” I was not paying attention to her talk until she made that statement. The last time I checked I was the only mandated private developer, ISO Certified to see anything that is above her knees.

“I do not approve that crazy wear!” I found myself shouting.

“My dress my choice darling!” She too was getting mad. As mad as she tried to be, all I knew was that I would not allow her.

Not wanting more confrontation she quickly went to the kitchen to make herself the strong beverage.

“Ooh kuna watu na viatu duniani. Ooh kuna mtu na kiatu nyumba hii.” She sung as she mixed the hot water with sugar. Seeing that she was entering into me too much I decided to go and see a friend.


Something rather disappointing happened on Wednesday. I arrived in my house a quarter past 9 pm. In my mind I had a plan that I will lie to Attacher that I was in a group discussion. Upon my arrival I found no one in my house. No cooking had been done. I tried calling her but she disconnected the call. I tried calling again and a man answered it.

“Please don’t call now. She is busy!” the voice said.

I got down to cooking. When I was getting ready to go to bed she arrived. Even before I could raise an eyebrow she was explaining herself.

“It is not what you think. Let me explain.”

“Where are you coming from at this time of the night?”

“Nilikuwa nadance Salsa.”

“That even is not an issue. This word communication is a problem. When I call you must respect, no matter who you are. And who was that man who received?”

“It was the Salsa trainer”

“From today and forward NO MORE SALSA!”

“But I like….”

“Salsa my foot. Let me not hear that you were in salsa again!” I gave my warning and slept facing other direction. That was my first warning with a promise. If even a rumor reaches my ear then I will send her back to Old Hall.

She changed to her night dress and started singing

“Baba naomba usinipite, unapowakumbuka wengine usinisahau.”

As she sung I was pretending to be in deep slumber. She started praying.

“ Oh God, I pray that as you set all female hostages free you remember me. Remember this house that we no longer take tea with milk….”

I felt like laughing but I never wanted her to know I was listening to her prayer.

Nevertheless it was until last Friday when I knew that I was the most intelligent man to prohibit salsa dance.




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