No More Space: KU’s Post -Modern Library Fails to Accommodate Students

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Kenyatta university post modern library is a five story building, equipped with cutting edge information and knowledge resources for quality services, every  floor having online public access catalog, computer laboratories, instruction rooms, group study rooms and several study carrels. Talk of stair cases, lifts, escalators, leather furniture: all these describe and define Kenyatta University post-modern library and there is no doubt it’s one of the best. The likes that freshers will admit they only saw in western movies.

But still all that glitters is not gold. Kenyatta University post-modern library faces unusual challenge any student do not expect from such a recent technological apartment.

At this time when the semester is coming to an end and exams staring, if you are tempted to sleep past 7.30 am, you are sure not to get a space to sit and study in the library. You either go back to sleep or read in the unconducive hostels. You’ll obviously find a long line of students waiting to be screened before getting into the library while others getting out at the same time.  When you see this, you need not to be told that ‘it full.’

Eunice, a 2nd year environmental student from Ngong’ hostels is on her way to the library at 6.30 am. She says that she has to wake up early so as to secure a seat in the library for study. She adds that she had no time to study consistently in the course of the semester due to many lectures she had to attend. She’s glad that the lectures are over and she has more time to study. Still, she is confident that she’ll do well.

“Am used to this”, she added.

Peter Okumu already queuing complains of the fact that finding a space will be difficult. He also admits that he had many lectures and didn’t get enough time to study well for the exam.

“I feel it’s an irony that the library is named Post-Modern yet it can’t accommodate as many students as possible at a time. I may be forced to go and study in my room,” lamented Peter.

LibraryMany students don’t prefer studying in their rooms as they claim its non conducive and one reason for this is that some of their next door student own hoofers which in most cases they raise up to the full volume even at night.

Winnie Maina, a B.Com 3rd year student says that she tries as much as possible to start her studies early so as to avoid the last minute rush that she sees other students going through.

“I start my studies very early, as soon as I get the notes because that gives me confidence to face the exams. I think other students should do the same. This will help them avoid the exam anxiety that can make them not do well in their exams,” says Maina.

While some feel that library is not enough to accommodate as many students as possible and others are very much comfortable with the situation, Tony Koko, as he is commonly known in the campus funnily say that he thinks majority of those students who crowd the library at the end of the semester must be the joy riders in the campus.

“They are those who won’t fail to attend all the party events in the campus not to mention every Friday being their Christmas”, he claims.




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