“Now You Know”- Nyashinski Brings Back The Kenyan Flavour!!


I rarely do song reviews but, “Now You Know” by Nyashinski is one track I couldn’t just let pass by. Nyashinski, a member of Kleptomaniacs back in the days when Kenyan music was building a brand of its own, has been missing from the music industry for some times. He’s now back with a bang dubbed, “Now You Know”!!

So, What makes this song unique? Here is what I gathered from the track;

1. A Unique Introduction And Setting

For a guy who has been away for a while, i would expect his return to be a few collabo before going solo. But what did he do? He went on it alone.
If that’s not unique enough, the fact that he’s the only one in the entire song is something you might have missed out on. Just look around, and all you see is him and the dust in the middle of nowhere. Damn! Not even a single lady was included for #TeamMafisi to salivate on.

2. A Soft Diss Approach

It seems like some journalist/blogger did upset Nyashinski with unverified stories about him having fallen due to excessive drinking and drug abuse. He goes ahead to correct those rappers who claims that he had fallen/went missing. The way he does it, is what’s so unique. As in, i guess this technique of making us sing along to diss songs dates back to the likes of “Twendelee ama tusiendelee!” by Kleptomaniacs.
To other rappers, learn from this guy for sure. A disstrack doesn’t have to be totally dirty. It should be come as a ‘By-The-Way’.

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3. Highlighting Issues Our Music Industry

From the first word, all the way to the last one, Nyashinski has kept it 100% Kenyan.
He mentions something about the pioneers in our music industry not being appreciated. And Hey! He’s surprised to see how we embrace ‘Niger’ music and artists while looking down on our own.

4. A Sarcastic Approach To Issues

Haha! you’ll surely fall in love with the sarcasm in this song. Which reminds me, where did Kanyari’s seeds go? Nyashinski bring this out in a funny, sarcastic way.
At some moment, he sounds like Johnny Vigeti when he talks about his life from other people’s perspective.

5. The Video Quality

Nyashinski, once again, shows us that a hit song doesn’t need to be over 5 minutes long and with nude ladies randomly splashing on the screen.
He takes it to the desert single handedly. But Hey! don’t mistake simplicity for lack of resources. Take a closer look at the after effects.

I Think that’s enough for today. Here is the song in case you wanna listen to it after all.



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