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Everyday, we have the inevitable task of making decisions which we can’t circumvent. They come in all shapes and sizes. Whether big or small, momentous or insignificant. Every decision has an impact whether we realize it or not. This is why our ability to make good decisions is so crucial.

Whether most people fail in decision making, isn’t in seeking the counsel of others, but in how they seek it and what they do with the advice they are given. It is important to understand that more often than not. We will receive the kind of counsel we want to hear and, not necessarily the kind of counsel we need to hear. That’s why with my more than four years experience in campus, I felt obliged to give my 50 cent worth counsel to campus students.

Never ever start a relationship in campus because of peer pressure. The fact that everybody else is in a relationship doesn’t mean that you should also be in one by hook or crook. Wise men say that a dead fish will always go with the current but a live fish can go against the current. If you have to be in one, let it be spontaneous. I have seen many of my former colleagues lose their focus on academics when their relationships hit the rocks.

Avoid alcohol at all costs. If you have to take it, then control your intake. I don’t want to sound like Mututho, but when you have a close and candid talk with those ones who are hooked to the bottle, they’ll echo my sentiments.

wisdomBe answerable to people in authority or your close associates. These are people who will keep you in check and give you a signal when you are veering off the radar. I know one would easily say that “I am independent and no one is entitled to scrutinize my life”. This is a very dangerous statement that can ruin your life. When your roommates become concerned when you spend a night out without informing them, they mean good for you. You should not treat them as your enemies.

Don’t venture into campus politics for popularity. Only venture into it when you have a worthy course worth fighting for. Let your friends give you feedback if you can make it in politics or not. Don’t hate those ones who give you negative feedback. Keep close those who give you negative feedback and tread cautiously with those who always give you positive feedback.

Finally, don’t start your Masters degree immediately after completion of your undergraduate degree when you are not sure where you will land in the job market. I have got many friends whom we did with Bed. Science and landed in the banking industry. Right now, most of them are doing MBA. But if they would have done their Masters degree immediately after graduation, they wouldn’t have thought of doing MBA. They probably would have done a course related to Education. If you are in a fix, seek counsel from God. I hope my 50 cent worth nuggets of wisdom will assist you in making your decisions in campus.



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