Of Student Leaders and Comrades Who Betray them

Student leaders

Egerton University main campus in Njoro went on the rampage, vandalizing property and lighting up mainstream business centers. I do not in anyway support barbaric acts but violent demos are probably one of the most significant communication statements every public university student knows exist. As usual all blame,however vague is pinned upon student leadership.

When student leaders side with administration, they are termed cowards. All comrades despise their leadership tenure. Their views and efforts are rubbished, no matter how relevant they are. No University has a history of embracing administration puppets, as much as they may pocket millions, their legacies are forever tarnished.

Enter the campus radical, the student policy generator and an epitome of the student leadership royalty. They will always side with students as their job description entails defending student rights. Egerton has had a fair share of prominent student lawyers. Fazul Mohammed played his part in fighting for student rights, we all enjoy the privileges and do not recognize the hard work. It is hard fight for justice in a Union that is not independent.

This categories of students have been recognized to have chronic ignorance and impunity in cooperating with student unions:

1.The Pseudo-politicians

Many comrades embrace the spirit of solidarity but are as scared as light feathered chicken when action is expected. They are the ‘leaders’ who are quick to chip in their two cents worth of advice at political gathering, coupled with sweet nothings to woo the crowd into liking them. They may be deemed activists, as their voluble selves make sure they repeatedly contribute to any topic of concern thus gather extraordinary mass ratings. This are the people who will repeatedly assure you ‘We are with you Mr Chairman’ but vanish as soon as GSU sirens simmer.

Student leaders

2.’Holier-than thou’ student leaders

Just because your religious doctrines earned you a seat, you are not entirely obliged to abide by them. Politics is still a dirty game. You got in knowing what you were doing so deal with the facts. However rational you try to be, bad decisions will always be made. The majority is so gullible and politics is fad. Routine is so cliche. Your religious shenanigans are both unwelcome and considered politically retarded. When you go to Rome, do what they do.

3.Immature-entry politicians

You got to campus yesterday, found professors of politics with their white hats doing what they are good at. You got back up, probably from a political failure or a ‘Holier-than thou’ and think it’s your turn to shine. Simmer up numbskull, your journey has just begun. You do no play Russian Roulette without a gun. Get involved with the right people, jog their political thinking and maybe, just maybe, you will get the glory you want. It’s not all sunshine in there kiddo.

4.Political Failures.

We know you. You have tried to become the Secretary General all your life and got knocked out each time. Anger overrules your fair judgement in the tiny little blossom of a brain. Your life is dedicated to ruining people in office, opposing every motion they move for the welfare of comrades. Your school of thought knows no cooperation. You cannot beat them, you are as powerless as a toothless dog. A rolling stone that gathers no moss. You can yap as much as you want but will never taste royalty in campus. Rejoicing over the challenges experienced by your leaders only makes you a coward, that’s why you are the worst that never was.

5.Bitter Ex girlfriends and boyfriends

Love gone sour. Few unlucky people have the disadvantage of dating politicians during their tenure. Depending on how nasty it ends, in between jealousy fits and botched affection, they give themselves a full time job of ensuring leaders lives are hell. Next time your most dreaded ex girlfriend stands up to ‘represent women’, keep her on a leech unless you are completely sure of every intention she may have.

This sick categories of comrades should know that leaders in the Union are responsible for their rights. Their sheer ignorance and presumed judgement of Union intelligence only lags comrades power to the mud.

Last but not least, I condemn the arrest of My Chairman, Mr Isaac Shisia Ongoma, his Vice Chairman Fred Juma, Mr Kiplimo the Director Academics and Mr Fred Omollo the generator and Director of Health and Transport.We all know that the union did not call for a demo. Incitement accusations are null and void. It is a high time our Union got independent, to free our leaders from the torture of baseless accusations. My prayers are with you and your team Mr Chairman.



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