Official LakeHub Launch in Kisumu City #LakeHub

Official #LakeHub Launch in Kisumu City lakeHub
Official #LakeHub Launch in Kisumu City lakeHub

Finally, LakeHub is booting (official opening). LakeHub is a business incubation center based in the lake town of Kisumu. It is situated approximately 0.5KM from the shores of Lake Victoria. Anyone is welcome to join LakeHub in celebrating the official launch of Western Kenya’s first innovation and technology hub on March 13th 2015.

Almost 2 years ago a few enthusiastic techies in the area begin with an idea to build a home for technologists in the region. That idea developed into a series of informal meetings of tech-enthusiasts who met regularly at coffee shops and in hotel lobbies. The informal gatherings pulled in wider circles and established more effective programs. Today, that community has become a full-force hub buzzing with activities day-in day-out. To celebrate the growth and success of this thriving community. Now the community is inviting anyone interested in business and technology to a more formal launch and celebration of our current success and future path planning.

Official #LakeHub Launch in Kisumu City lakeHub
Official #LakeHub Launch in Kisumu City lakeHub

LakeHub got its current space in September 2014. Their intention was to encourage information and technology types to walk in and look for like-minded folk so that they could talk to each other and figure out if they could work together on projects that will transform society. Six months later, they have tracked more than 400 unique walk-ins, about 80 each week. They have about 50 regular members who meet to regularly work in user groups such as those in mobile development, design, computer science, networking and entrepreneurship just to mention but a few. While these meet-ups have largely been informal, members have managed to come up with and working on projects that are destined to transform Western Kenya.

One of such project is Village Code – where volunteers are going to move into schools to equip children with programming and entrepreneurial skills. Another big project is the Kisumu Schools Online project, where Schools in Western Kenya are going to receive free websites thanks to the good work of the community. The main aim of these projects is to bring as many schools as possible to the 21st century, increase connectivity and also giving the world of information access to them.

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With the progress that Magazine Reel has noted, the LakeHub community is seen as a game-changer in months and years to come. Lakehub officials say that by formally launching their activities, they are affirming their position and commitment in transforming Western counties and by large Kenya through the use of technology.

To get yourself a ticket to the event, Click HERE.



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