On Matters Ladies and Going Commando


I have been at a loss with choosing my stand on this issue of inner wear, or should I say panties? It is quite a touchy issue, literally because it kinda is a big deal to females, as well as our male counterparts, you want to disagree? Please don’t, I can explain, kindly read on. First, lemmie put this out there, we now live in a very liberal world, as an adult you are free to make decision with regards to your lives. Isn’t that the reason the Big Guy up above gave us free will? The ability to choose between right and wrong and what not? Okay, lemmie stop there before it begins to sound like a theology lecture or something.

commando 1So, we were on this issue of whether women should or should not go commando. Personally, I think that is a personal decision that is entirely up to an individual. Don’t ask me if I would go commando.. Hahaha, please don’t. But first, it is of essence that we all understand the importance of wearing panties for us females. Panties are very important, especially for hygiene issues. See, the female anatomy is what I would term as delicate and sensitive. While it may be fun to air one’s goods occasionally on a lazy day for the guys, for us, it isn’t all that of amusing idea, at least not always. See, we have those nasty days of the months, yeah, if you ask me is just a preview of hell, because, cramps.

Lucky those who don’t get these pains, thank heavens my darling, you are lucky. On such days, the thought of going commando should not even cross your mind even for a second. This is regardless of whether you are team tampons or you stuck with the pad. Whatever floats your boat; panties are a must when you are on your periods. No two ways about it. Okay guys, wipe that look off your faces, I’m done with that. No more being gross. No, wait, is it just me or you guys always get somewhat speechless when a chic says she’s a lil under the weather because of cramps, I know this, don’t even deny it. We understand though, it’s an awkward moment, sorry for the torture.

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commando 2That aside, why should I not go commando, it’s my body, I mean; I get to choose what to wear and what not to. So if I decide to go panty-less, that’s none of your business. I mean, how does it concern you? It’s like someone complaining about what I choose to wear to class? Why a dress and not those black sexy booty shorts? You get me? Like me asking the lecturer why he has no tie on? My point here being, it’s none of your business and it really doesn’t affect anyone except me. Did I just sound like a feminist or pro-commando? Well, maybe I am, or not, I am not so sure. Anyway, before we all get to discarding our thuruares, you should know that whoever initially thought we needed them probably had a good reason. The reason would have to be keeping our private parts private. In as much as the structure of the panties has gradually changed over the years with the size diminishing as fast as we are losing the snow cover at the poles thanks to global warming.

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From the hideous granny pants that are big enough to cover the whole map of Africa, to the cute lace ones, (I love these ones btw), to thongs, G-strings and what not. Again, personal decision, if you feel the mothers union ones work best as they offer maximum security and cover, literally, then go for it. On the other hand, if you are the kind that that loves to flaunt a bit of your behind, (read butt crack), then colorful G-strings and thongs will do wonders for you. And no, I don’t advocate for that, it’s a tad too repulsive and irks me. Seeing one is enough to ruin my appetite for days.

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And on that note, make sure you don’t leave your house with any visible panty lines. I mean, what year is it? 1979? No sweetie, it’s the 21st century, no one wants to see that, that’s for sure, here, I can authoritatively speak for everyone, male and female, gay, lesbian and even the confused lot of the she-males. Get seamless panties to go with your really tight skirt and trouser suits, I know a place you can get them for a fair price, talk to me nicely, no jokes by the way. That is for you conservative ladies out there. If you are comfortable with the strings down there, then, by all means, get as many as you can. Guys definitely love these ones, easy to get out of the way for some quick action but that is a story for another day.

pantiesThat aside, for guys, a lady’s inner wear says a lot about her. Cleanliness, hygiene and level of sophistication. Okay, that last part, just made up, could be true, not so sure. Make sure your knickers are always clean. No stains please. Jik should help with that. And please avoid the black panties; they don’t all have to be black. You are not a witch! Homescience101. However, going commando doesn’t mean that she ain’t sophisticated, it probably just means she is liberal, a free spirit. One that is open to new ideas, which may be inclusive of opening her legs or not. Again, none of my business. But it shouldn’t be an everyday affair.

Don’t go commando if you will need to walk a lot especially in dusty areas and what not. Don’t try it to if you going hiking and you plan on wearing jeans, you won’t enjoy it. You don’t wanna catch some nasty UTIs and what not and end up swallowing pills and queuing at the gyna’s clinic now, or do you? Maybe you could go commando if you plan on paying him a visit and you sure as hell want to get some, y’all catch my drift, right? Glad we on the same page. At the end of it all what matters here is your comfort my darling, you are in control. Power to the She!




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