Ongoma’s Choice Amisi, Wins SUEU Chairmanship in a Hotly Contested Elections

SUEU Egerton

Things were not as usual at Egerton University yesterday Friday. The students union of Egerton university (SUEU) was on the verge of getting its new crop of leaders and students lined up as early as 8;30 am to cast their votes to their favorite candidates. The voting process came to a close at 3 pm and the final results was released at 11;50pm. Otieno Hamisi was declared the near chairman of SUEU with over 2800 votes only 100 ahead of Isaac Wambua who came in second.

It was pomp and colour especially for the group which had supported Amisi. Isaac Ongoma whose dismissal from the institution angered many students swayed his thousands of followers when he declared that his choice was Amisi only hours to the election date. Though some students castigated him for allegedly giving directions to the electorate, his many followers made an about turn which dealt a great blow to the other teams comprising of GEMA and a Coalition called KAKA which was in support of Isaac Wambuas bid.

According to a poll conducted just days to the election date, the results showed that their would be a neck to neck contest from the three main contenders in the post of the chair. The opinion poll had suggested that if matters had been constant then Isaac Wambua would have won followed by Simon Macharia and Amisi would have come third in that order. Many claim that the new development resulted due to Ongoma’s influence.

As opposed to the previous elections, the opponents of Amisi have already come out to show their support for his win claiming that it is the voice of comrades and that it must be obeyed. This is now the third time in a row when the Westerners in the school are claiming the top post in SUEU. Vincent Hono set a new record when he became the first Luo to clinch the top seat after 10 years of staying in the cold. Hono was succeeded by Isaac Ongoma also from Western side of Kenya and from the same coalition and now Amisi takes over the mantle of leadership.

Egerton University students have been applauded for largely being peaceful during the voting process even though the university had taken enough precaution to ensure maintenance of law and order. Even though their was tension due to several claims of theft of votes, not even a single incident of rioting or war was reported all through yesterday.



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