ONLY IN KENYA; Engineering Certificate for a Class Six Drop-out


I watched the “#CertficatesOfDoom”. Someone even twitted asking when the Certificate of some other insecticide will be aired.

However, besides everyone joking about the whole matter, I think this one is a more-than-serious issue to take note of. In case you did not watch the investigative report, I am going to give you some 411 on the whole issue.

certificateBasically, Nairobi Aviation College has been dishing out certificates and grades to people who have never set an eye on the campus leave alone setting foot in the lecture hall.

The college is said to have 10 campuses countrywide, and believe you me at the third year of study, you are qualified to be a lecturer at the university.

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In the case studies one “class six drop-out” was enrolled for an engineering course and an “immigrant” was sold to an original Engineering certificate for 3,000 Kenyan shillings.

In recent times fake has been the trend. In December of last year a “potassium permanganate” Prophet Kanyari was exposed for being a conning pastor. A couple of weeks ago, Safaricom held dummy promotions and had ghost winners on Twitter.

Last week my gas supplier told me that the Hashi Gas Cylinder with a light green seal instead of a yellow seal, “ni ya mtaro”(read fake). Again some couple of months ago, I also heard of decertified clinics that steal new borns and sells them to the rich.

No sooner had that dust settled than I heard that even the ICC witnesses are fake. In addition, you never know if that Mololine you are traveling in is actually “Miloline”. Ok!, I know you get my point now.

I am not insinuating that Hassan Joho’s and Waititu’s Degrees are fake, please don’t misquote me. Neither did I mention Vera Sidika’s behind.

All I am trying to say is that a couple of years from now you may have to get a certification of your ID since there may be another you somewhere.

Enough said! Plus please stop putting on those fake smiles, a real one costs nothing. Oh!… and for the record this report is not fake, you can actually count on it.

|The Mentalist



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