#OnTheRecord Just Why Egerton Is The Only World Class University

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The stubborn memory still lingers in my mind, a memory of an old say “Do not tell your mother naked.” It is a say that many have taken into consideration while reading the story of Egerton university, yes you should not tell your mother naked but you can at least say “Mum, I don’t like that dress!, Could you please try out the one you had on last week?” Another card that has been held is patriotism, many insist that being an Egerton university student does not allow you to tell a negative story of the institution.This is it, the students leadership of the institution and all that happen on daily basis dictate what we say,they control the news we tell it as it is. We share the shame doing a negative story about a university but at the end of the day the job must be done.
Away from that, despite all the tales you have read about Egerton university, today we tell you why it is the place to be, why it is the only university for advancement of humanity. If you have been wondering why Egerton University  is the World class university then this is your answer .Read in Kicked off in 1939 as Egerton Farm school, then to Egerton Agricultural college in 1955, it became part of the university of Nairobi system in 1979 before being recognized as a chartered public university in 1987. The University has undergone a lot of improvements in all the corners, from offering only a one-year certificate course and a two-year diploma course in agriculture, the university now offers uncountable courses ranging from certificate to Master programmes. The university now attracts students from all over the world.

Located about 20Km from Nakuru town, the university has the ideal environment for learning, the climate that is described as warm and temperate with a temperature of about 16.1 degrees Celsius according to weather men, it provides  cool silence environment away from the road, its not the case with universities like Kenyatta and U.O.N where a student cannot rest from the load hooting of vehicles and noisy neighbors.

Though Agriculture dominated, the university boasts of all rounded students. With alumnus excelling in different fields and students embracing business and community work, the society must brace up for more of Egerton. The university also boasts of new and clean buildings, of course old is gold, there are also those old one that remind the residents of how far the college has come. Transformation is evident. There has been lighting on the streets and all seem to the on track, the hope for a better day is finally here and everybody willing to be part of history must only join the Egerton Family.

Agriculture is the backbone of the nation and Egerton is the bedrock of Agriculture, it goes without saying that its from the Njoro based university that the inlet of the nation as much as food is concerned originates from, with programmes like #SeedsOfGold and #KilimoBora now taking root and controlling the airwaves in Kenya, it only shows that the university more than ready to take up its responsibility of feeding the nation to a greater levels.

Well, that’s is #OnTheRecord today. When history is written, Egerton will be recorded as the institution that served its roles in the community despite the normal challenges that comes with leadership. That’s it, keep the conversation going on twitter @KoyoOdongo and @MagazineReel





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