#OnTheRecord: Obidan Tops The List of Worst Performers In The Outgoing SUEU Executive


Another Monday,you are in time for the most comprehensive briefing here on Magazine Reel,Kenyas Best Online Campus Magazine,this is #OnTheRecord ,where new angles are given to the stories you want to hear .We are just about to open  your week and we are glad you  came through.Now, the current SUEU executive is on its way out to pave way for a new crop of leaders who will be voted in come September.A lot is happening at Egerton university at the moment notably the hunt for a new Vice Chancellor with Professor Tuitoek’s position having been declared vacant,the students have moved in to express their desire of Who they wish to replace Bwana Tuitoek.Away from that,#OnTheRecord today looks  at the outgoing SUEU executive.Who did what ,Who left behind a mark,Just who are the top three worst performers in the outgoing SUEU Cabinet.Take a look.We hit the road.

Topping the list is one Daniel Obwocha “DJ Obidan” ,the outgoing director Sports and Entertainment.When the history of SUEU is written,Obidan will be recorded  not only as the leader who has had many votes from Egerton students during an election but also a leader whose tenure in office has been marred with confusion,arrogance and misplaced priorities.One would agree with me that it is during Obidan’s tenure at the helm of Entertainment docket at Egerton that all the major events on the SUEU Calendar were graced by DJ’s contrary to the electorates expectations of having a chance to meet their favorite Artists ,maybe its because ‘Obi’ is a sprouting Dj and could easily get to them on call whenever there was a gig or maybe the people around him were not ready to remind him what the message on the ground was.At the center of his flop was the Mr/Miss Egerton Gala where Dj Mo was the main act.many hoped that they would be spared the little coins they had only for the Director to go deep into their pockets,charging a bull for entrance.

Question still begs for answers as to whether Dj Mo was paid despite his one minute show at Egerton,Wether Obi disappeared  like Mo did on realizing that the event has hit the end before it could even kick off,wether the director health and special programmes who on dramatic turn of events became the Official MC knew what was about to drop on Obi that fateful night.Questions that perhaps will attract answers from the right people or the desire to have the puzzle solved is like hoping against hope,is more of wishful thinking,well If Wishes Were horses,i would not be dong this story today.

Coming second is one Angeline Omwamba ,the outgoing Secretary General,under normal circumstances,the occupant of this seat in any political circle is considered to be more powerful ,that is true,in student elections,the occupant is the students lawyer,meaning in anything she does,the students should come first,in any deal that the union or the university is to strike,comrades must get the lions share.It on record,Omwamba garnered More votes,yeah,she was loved by the students,However,months into office,most students could not tell wether there is a secretary general ,all they knew is that Ongoma had been suspended!,With the absence of the chair,she was expected to step in the chase ,the chase to have the students voice out there to the administration.Recently,there was the Global Entrepreneurship Forum,am sure that some students till now do not know wether any student leader from Egerton was at the event,at the Kasarani Indoor Arena where students were invited to listen to Obama.Personally ,i realized it On Facebook When i saw a selfie of Fredrick Juma ,the outgoing Vice chairperson and Omwamba,from the caption,they were so happy at seeing @POTUS at a close range.Remember i said the Secretary general is the students lawyer,two student leaders from Egerton Were at the event.Now ,these are the questions am still hoping to get answers to

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1)As the students lawyer,Why did she not negotiate for with the relevant people to have more STUDENTS from Egerton attend the event?,University of Nairobi had 200 students attending the talk so don’t tell me there was limited space.

2)After the event,we expected to get a clear communication telling us how the summit,or the talk relates to the students.What@POTUS talked about that can be consumed by comrades at Egerton University.

With the questions begging answers,i wish to take you way back to the campaigns,specifically to this one manifesto that every aspirant seemed to be ranting “I have your interests at heart,Comrades,am your voice”,maybe it was the promise that was fake,the speaker on the other hand was very innocent!

From the Global Entrepreneurship summit,we wrap up this edition of #OnTheRecord.We have tried to keep away Fredrick Juma out of this piece today because he has his own story coming on the next edition,he will be telling us why he has not expelled like his friend Ongoma,if he is not going to agree to go on record,we will try to figure out Just why he has not been shown the gate months after his Boss Ongoma hit the road.

With the SUEU elections coming up in a months time,be sure that we got the whole story here on the Record.Till Next time,For Obidan and Omwamba ,its not over till the fat lady sings,you can still shake the tables and give us a different script tomorrow if not today.#OnTheRecord Comes to a close.

We are on twitter @KoyoOdongo ,lets keep talking,here #OnTheRecord,We have your interests at heart ,we are your REAL voice.




  1. #ongoma was the only man. Wengine bure kabisa. If i had power i could av forced a strike to bring ongoma back jxt lyk wat #UON does

  2. Obama’s talk could still be watched on TV..concentrate on your books boy.POTUS won’t solve our problems.

  3. Its pitiful how disappointing the outgoing office has been..but we are about to bring a revolution to Egerton politics

  4. i had even forgotten obi’s existence… n Joash there are more things in this life apart from books.

  5. The SUEU regimes of 14/15 are no better then corps.poor management,poor communication,
    Hard rules and restrictions on the comrades during exams ,asking any negative questions and the answer was SUEU .
    It wasn’t at all for comradeship.
    Worst of all #nojusticeforongoma

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