#OnTheRecord:Is Egerton’s SUEU likely To Have A lady As The Chairperson?,Find Out Here


Many thanks for Joining me #OnTheRecord today,September 12th 2015,a beautiful Saturday Morning.For those joining me for the first time on this column ,this is where opinion is shaped,this is where new angles are introduced to all the stories making news in all the campuses in Kenya,Its here where all is placed #OnTheRecord and given a more comprehensive analysis .When SONU’s Babu Owino Threatens to do the Unthinkable,When SOMU’s Charles Juma is alleged to be the High-priest of Goons in Maseno University,When SUEU’s Issac Ongoma is expelled from Campus,When KUSA’s Sammy Owino is pulled out of the ballot box under unclear circumstances,you only have to wait on this column,news is independent ,we tell the story as it is ,in a way that makes sense to you,if you don’t get it #OnTheRecord,then it makes no sense.

At Egerton University,Njoro,elections are fast approaching and Various Students nursing political ambitions can be seen,in recent history,the top seat in the SUEU elections has been a preserve for the men,the only time a female came closer to the seat was when One Lydia Moraa was elected Vice Chairperson ,then last year that saw Angeline Omwamba rise to the post of Secretary General,a post viewed as the most powerful and student centered in campus politics.#OnTheRecord today looks at the chances of a female candidate becoming the First ever SUEU chairperson In Egerton university.What are the chances of a lady winning the top seat?,What message is a lady aspirant likely to send to the electorate? Is The electorate Likely to receive her?,Either way, #OnTheRecord begins Now.

It all begins and ends in your mind since what you give power to, has power over you, probably it is true for a woman who is struggling today to develop the strength she needs tomorrow. A woman who is the power house of anything that’s beyond her reach and knows that she gotta fall before she fly’s. They are not a special lot of women but a limited edition of women who choose to be unstoppable. A woman they want to be and until they reach that point they have got work to do. When it comes to politics it’s no different to meet this solid type of a woman because they have this crazy idea that their purpose is bigger than them. Being a woman in politics is different from a political woman, one tries to push on ,live a life above the norm line and knows what she wants to achieve isn’t average ,it’s above that.

In the political arena you expect a lot of happenings and even worsen when you are a woman, some will come as a slap on your face like Kidero to Shebesh or a major forced scandal just like Waiguru,same script at Egerton university ,a script that a woman cant lead the Students union,Sources  confirm that thus time round,there will be a woman candidate for the Chairperson’s position in the Coming SUEU elections,with the mindset of the Students at Egerton University at the moment pertaining the elections and the leaders they have elected back then,What are the chances of a woman winning?

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It is true,the electorate wants some fresh blood to take over SUEU ,they have seen what the men can do and will be more willing to vote in a lady , women can be a successful leaders  because they are capable of having a big job. Most women are smart, truthful, and have cooperation. Women are successful in almost everything,that is just what SUEU needs to attain its goals.Hacking into history a woman has been looked down upon in the political scene, their role in society and the culture has been mostly dictated by men’s rules. The coming SUEU elections could be the giant step needed for women to achieve that level playing field. From where i sit,with the current situation at Egerton University ,a woman seems the most knowledgeable with the ability to articulate a reasonable future for Egerton Politics.

What Message then Is a woman candidate likely to send out there to the electorate?,simple “Its Out Turn to eat”,”Its our turn to take over the wheels” .A message that will go along way to give hope to the young girls out in the political cold.Biblical teachings tells of a voice,Isaiah 40:2-4 “Speak kindly to Jerusalem; And call out to her, that her warfare has ended, That her iniquity has been removed, That she has received of the LORD’S hand Double for all her sins.” 3 A voice is calling, “Clear the way for the LORD in the wilderness; Make smooth in the desert a highway for our God. 4“Let every valley be lifted up, And every mountain and hill be made low; And let the rough ground become a plain, And the rugged terrain a broad valley;…”,daughters of Eve has been in the cold for along time,that a tale that will remain in the past depending on wether History will be willing to be made if the “Messiah ” finally comes .

What is the most likely reaction from the electorate?,well, there will be two side of the coin on this,a good number of Male voters are likely to vote her in ,that however depends with the quality of the posters ,banners and the plastic smile put on them,female votes will also be in her camp but not much,its true “Mwanamke Ni Adui Wa Mwanamke “,at the end of the day,she is most likely to carry the day.Its then a cough in time for the rest of the aspirants to up their game and do their maths in time,this time round,its not business as usual ,a fresh new challenge.

On that note,we come to the end of #OnTheRecord today,we throw back the question to you.Can You Vote in a lady as the next SUEU Chairperson ? ,engage us on the comment box below or tweet us @KoyoOdongo and @MagazineReel

Many thanks to Marya Ndun’gu for her contributions #OnTheRecord today, She is @MaryaBimo.

Till next time, enjoy your weekend.




  1. The woman in question should be Marnalle,Congress Faculty of Engineering,i know her better,she has the qualities,let her now tell the comrades what different she gonna do for them,#AllTheBest

  2. I won’t hesitate to vote in a lady if I deem her to av the qualities needed to improve the lyfs of comrades thru her leadership

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