Operators Raise Cost of Transport to 10 times More as First Year Students Report at Maseno University

maseno maseno KISUMU university

Parents and first-year students of Maseno have raised concern over exploitation by matatu and bodaboda operators.

The commuters say that the operators have hiked fares they are charging those reporting to Maseno University for admission.

Maseno university just as several other campuses opened its doors for admission of first year students as from yesterday. The process is still taking place even as the continuing students are expected back at the institution on 7th September 2015.

Due to the high demand for public transport and innocence of most first year students and parents, bodaboda operators are reportedly taking advantage of the unsuspecting travelers hiking fares to more than double the usual charges.

The operators have forced those commuting between College and Siriba campuses to pay Sh100 for the distance which they usually charge Sh30. The campus shuttles usually charge between 5 – 10 shillings to cover the same distance.

“I expected the distance he charged me Sh100 to be equivalent to the amount of money I paid but to my surprise it was a short distance,” said George Otieno, a parent.

The school is going on with the admission of first-year students which started yesterday. Some parents have raised concern over the sluggishness of the process as some of those who came yesterday have not been attended to forcing them to incur extra costs for accommodation.



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