OPINION: President Uhuru has been Reduced to a Tear Shading Commander in Chief, He Now Needs CORD


Our beautiful country, Kenya , which happens to be the most politically promiscuous country in the whole world, all over sudden goes down on their knee to seek refuge helplessly from their very own opposition which beyond no doubt is the political jargon as we all know in this our country. Their might extends Africa and the world at large. Who doesn’t know of the mighty political revolution in the world that even the ruling government cannot dare compare itself to? Who? Unless you are from planet Saturn.

CORD, the ever flaming, heated political alliance finally is invited by the government to help solve the insecurity mischief in Kenya. Even if it sounds to you like a joke, I’m here to confirm to you that however a nightmare it looks, it is actually the naked truth. The political ruly confirmed their might after taking all the vacant political seats in Kajiado even after the president went over there to campaign for their candidate in person. Their political ambiguity has been a mayhem to the government.

The JUBILEE legislative confirmed beyond doubt to the CORD office premises that all their efforts towards curbing terror in Kenya have failed and that they would love CORD to help them out. But then, who is the government? Who should be doing all these to the citizens? How should CORD help anyway? They helped by giving you Nkaissery. Your lack of cooperation with him makes him uncomfortable in his job. The government fully politicizes the whole entire security system and if this continues the way it does, I tell you even if we get a million plus ministers for defense we will always and forever be the prey of these ever attacking Al-Shabaab. This doesn’t ring a bell like a tourist attraction in a pejorative sense.

Now, Chairman has put it so clear to everyone that he is there for his country and will do anything within his might and power to ensure security is beefed up in this lovely country Kenya. That’s not the president. Sorry, by chairman, I literally meant Raila Amollo Odinga Tinga Baba. Of course you knew I had to mention him. He is CORD and CORD is Baba.

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After a long, extensive heated discussion with the president who forever till to date respects Baba as the world wide most influential political legend after Mandela, he gives in to give a hand in curbing security misfortunes in our country. The president admits he has very little left to give to Kenyans as far as security is concerned. All he is left to give is to shed tears when his citizens die like hens. This is actually not man enough. Something needs to be done. And it should be done as fast as I finish writing this article.




  1. Very intresting indeed!I blv CORD will b of great help to The insecurity issue…I just love the humility of Jubilee…..

  2. KDF should leave Somali and guard their country that’s all…in Somali they are just terrorising and killing innocent Somalis as alshabaab do

  3. kwani CORD IMEJENGWA NA PEOPLE FROM ANOTHER PLANET?..are they not kenyans?..seems u ave neva listened to our national anthem…dont treat dat baba as if he comes from USA..ww hukulia after da attack?..u think ata da xo cord baba ata make any difference…think twice b4 u right such dirty things and soliderity as all we need..kenya si uhuru ama rao…ni mm na wengine wenye wanapost vitu zinafaa si upuzi..nkt

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