Our Caretaker is Dead!


On Monday, I watched two heartbreaking world cup matches in the night, sleeping late night then wishing to wake up even the next week. Unfortunately, my one-week sleeping plan lasted only two hours. I suddenly heard people screaming. I thought our estate is being attacked so I hurriedly woke up for my rescue, or rush to the scene to get the latest breaking news and be the first one to record a statement to the police, a hobby I share with almost all Kenyans.

Before I could decide whether to run away or towards the scene, I had to assess the nature of the situation first. I felt like it was someone who needed help, though people still ran away from that scene. I did not understand who to follow so I tried to be myself- run away. Hehe. You know, baba said, after saba saba unga will be costing peanuts. After giving out 20 shillings to buy a 2kg packet of unga I should still demand for a change. So you don’t expect me to miss these big offers! I must run to save (my life) for the good things after saba saba!!

There is a well-built fence all over our compound – we always brag of it being the strongest in the estate- and the key to the main gate is with the diseased but at this time I was in the next neighborhood! Am still trying to trace the way I used out of the compound.

caretakerAs I was trying to figure what the screams were all about, I then come to terms that it is one of the plot members who died in the hospital! Our caretaker! I confirmed it was safe to go to the scene, I was relieved but shocked! So I could come back now through the main gate where I found several people crying in the compound.

I think our estate needs an urgent dialogue to define the ways of screaming. According to how people respond to issues that require screaming, it becomes very difficult to distinguish someone in ‘great pleasure’ and someone in pain, because, they both produce the same sound. And the people here do scream with passion when they want. That is how we got confused and ran away!

Ok, away with that…

We just lost our caretaker, not the landlord, meaning the power rationing policy is still in full force. He assumes we can use sunlight to charge our phones and laptops, so he disconnects power during the day. And today being a new month, he also tweeted and posted on his Facebook page about the good news of end month, just like any other employee. He is not employed anywhere else. You know who will be accountable for those tweets. Oops!
So, this is a mourning post. We lost one of our significant members today. Should I remind the public of what is expected in such cases? The admin got my m-pesa number. Let us connect there…





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