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By Lilian Nyamboga

African students are now free to apply for the ‘Google Summer of Code’ program. The program organized by Google aims at nurturing talent for students who are software developers.

Now in its eleventh year, the program has over the past years reached out to over 8500 students and garnered support from over 480 mentoring organizations since 2005.

Once recruited into the program, Google Summer of Code students will get exposed to real-world software development while earning a stipend for their work. The students will also get an opportunity to explore areas related to their academic pursuits during their school break.

In return, mentoring organizations will get the opportunity to identify and attract new developers to their projects as the students often continue working with the organizations after Google Summer of Code concludes.

summer programApplications for mentoring organizations started on 9th February 2015 and are currently ongoing. The application process for the organizations are expected to end on Friday 20th February 2015 19:00 UTC (11am PST).

Student applications are set to begin on Monday 16th March 2015 and run through to 27th March 2015. Students will be required to apply to projects in the mentoring organizations that shall have been selected.

Application Requirements

To help students from the Sub-Saharan region make competent applications, a local community has been set up by Google Developer Groups in SSA to furnish students with preparation requirements in anticipation for these applications.

To get involved one will be required to;

Join the Google+ community or subscribe to the mailing list from where they can get updates on the application process.

The community will feature previous summer coders who shall be dishing out tips and answering any questions from the students on the forum as well as on hangouts.

The most interesting thing about this opportunity is that one does not need to have the ‘geeky’ knowledge of programming but rather passion and eagerness to learn and contribute to open source projects. African students are highly encouraged to participate!



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