Parents’ Association Chair Draws Tribal Lines In Daystar Protest

Daystar University

Daystar University has been known for its Christian morals and top notch education. However, according to current students at the university, the standards have dipped with mismanagement of funds among the top reasons why students have revolted against the institution of higher learning.

Now a case of the students against the administration, the troubles facing the institution lays bare for all to see. Though Dyastar seemed like a shining light, the institution’s reputation is now smeared with the recent protests. With current students and alumni standing up against the institution, it seems there is more to come as the two groups continue to clash. According to notably outspoken blogger Cyprian Nyakundi, “the Current Daystar University leaders MUST demand better.”

Daystar administration recently paralyzed Daystar University Student Leadership disconnecting their internal mailing system. Student leader Karwira Karimi, claimed Daystar University’s Parents Association Chair Dorothy Ng’ethe advised her against joining the protests, proceeding on to make some tribal remarks. With heavy protests on the Nairobi and Athi River campuses last week, it is unclear if students will find reprieve for their grievances.




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