This the digital era and everyone is embracing the benefits that come with it. Seems the world is undergoing technological transformations. One of the transformation is phones. No not phones, smart phones to be specific. In these transformation am also not left out. It is using my phone that I can do anything, anywhere and anytime.

With the use of phones everything has been made simple and easy. Everything can be carried inside the phone. By clicking or touching on your phone you revolve around the world.

I start by waking up in the morning and looking at the time, confirm its 8:46. For your information I have never liked to add an extra weight on my hand by having a watch on it.

So I looked at my phone and I already got the time. I realize that I should be in class at this time but am not sure if the class is really going on or it has bounced. I realize I need to call someone. My good friend Nathan informed me that no class is going on. Lucky me! I would have run all the way if it wasn’t for my phone.

Yes I have gotten the information but my classmate Mercy is also texting me asking if there are lectures. By this time I have no credit so I text her back.

Yes it is still the phone. When is today? I don’t know! My calendar in my phone shows me. Ooh it is that day the lecturer had said that he would not make it. But how had I forgotten? My phone is ringing again. It’s a reminder note

“sleep today there is no class”,

as I had saved on that day as a reminder. Am now free for the day. I woke up to prepare my breakfast. In my small kitchen had a few things,and had done some shopping the previous day.It cost me much though they were few. How much I may not know! Let me try to do some calculations. I pick my phone and added all the prices of the items as I put them aside.Thanks to my phone coz I have never remembered where I threw my calculator after high school.

These items I had bought are too many. I have never done shopping like this before! How will I remember them in the next semester? Lucky enough my phone is right in my hand, I have to take some two three snaps of them. My phone camera has done me a favor.

I would have picked that very huge film camera that I have never liked holding it because of its enormous weight.I have saved the snaps in my phone. Then I realize this other new thing…

Remember to check for part II of Life in the 21st century next week. If you think you can forget, then go ahead and use your reminder slot just in your phone.