‘Passion for Environmental Conservation is What Drives My Candidacy for KUSA Deputy Sec Gen’ ~ Ouko Robert


An environmental expert could potently blend with this docket, yes. Ouko Robert Ouko, famously known as Ouko K’ouko is eying for one of the ‘cream’ sits in Kenyatta University Students Association (KUSA), a post that he insist can best be handled  by an environmentalist of his preeminence as chairing  of the Health and Environment Committee of Congress and liaising with the appropriate offices of the University for proper and efficient health and environmental services is one illustrious role that Article 41 of the KUSA constitution posits to be part and parcel of the deputy Secretary general.


The environmental science student from school of environmental studies in his fourth year could be manifesting his hobbyhorse for a healthy environment. As he underscores, “A greener environment is a healthy environment , a healthy environment signify a healthy life and a healthy life guarantee a long life.”

Someone once said that “KUSA is not a career,’ stressing the fact that leadership quality and experience should be paramount for any contender of any of the dockets.

Robert currently hold the position of chairperson, Karachuonyo Kenyatta University Students Association (KAKUSA). He’s also the current chair of Homabay Kenyatta University Students Association (HBKUSA), and as if that’s not enough, he’s the former legal affairs secretary of Kenyatta University Environmental Club (KUNEC). This is one association that has been echoed for it’s good role in community outreach activities such as clean ups, tree planting, visiting and empowering marginalized groups as well as offering a wide range of environmental education. Members of these respective associations claim he was totally and honestly worth the roles.

Ouko is patently posing as a figure to closely follow in the ongoing KUSA politics and as a fair minded character he says that everyone has the ability to make the difference and we have to maintain it on the positive side, am happy to have grown to a better environmental expert ready to make that difference when a call of service is due.




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