Phone: Why You Should Refrain From His Texts Messages

Phone Issues Pic
Phone Issues

I remember some time back when a lady-friend of mine accused me of being a player simply because I had my text messages and gallery locked up. She claimed that the only reason why I would have my messages locked is because I was a womanizer. Really!? But hey! I don’t blame her. Our generation associates privacy with secrecy, and secrecy with evil deeds.

The accusations never sunk so much into me since she was just but a childhood lady-friend of mine who used to find errors in everything I did. That was until an Ex girlfriend of mine developed the same notion. That time when you go for a walk in the park, then she spoils the sweet moment with she claims of how unfaithful you are, a player, a womanizer, a dog, a.. all that, just because you changed the lock-pattern to your messages.

Ladies, here are reasons why you should think twice before going wild on him about the phone locks and endless passwords on everything.

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A Phone Is Personal.
Babe, I don’t remember my phone being part of our love vows. Am almost convinced that the ‘P’ in “Phone” is meant to mean “Personal”. I never choke you up when you don’t want me to play with your cat, even though we are lovers and ought to share the pet. It’s only fair if I also get to keep my phone conversations to myself or grant you access only when I feel like.

Trust Issues.
You always say that I don’t trust you enough to share my phone with you, and that’s why I use passwords. If that was true, then I would never be leaving you with the phone to play Candy Crash, Temple Run and all sorts of YouTube videos. Going back to the issue of me not trusting you enough, I think you are the one who actually doubts me. In fact, you don’t even trust me enough to let me use my phone without you monitoring my conversations. If I was cheat-chatting, I would probably delete all the texts and block all incoming calls and messages whenever I’m with you. But I don’t do that; simply because I trust you enough to think that you wouldn’t dare evade my privacy by skimming through my phone conversations. Think of it this way: if you did trust me, you wouldn’t be going through my text messages looking for evidence of my infidelity or faithfulness.

Potential Source Of Misunderstandings
Honey, do you recall the lady who called me her prince-charming during our walk in the park the other day? She actually does use more of those sweet words in our conversations. But I swear there’s nothing between us. I even told her to stop calling me that as I already have you, but she laughed at me for being so conservative and not in this 21st century of ours. I understand her; but am not so sure if you will do the same once you go through our conversation. I keep changing the password just to protect you Babe.

Confidential Information
Babe, do you remember the stuff you told me about you having fear of darkness, men with extra-large hairy fingers and all those little secrets? How about my PUK pin? Yah! I store all of those in my messages. In case my phone gets lost, or lands in the hands of an evil person, all that information might be used against us. Your evil twin sister also pretends to be you at times and grabs my phone to check whether we had any misunderstandings, which she then uses to identify our weaknesses before exploiting them.

My love, I really don’t expect you to understand me, but we introverts, we like to keep to ourselves. It doesn’t mean that we don’t like others. We simply prefer to keep our things out of the public eye as much as possible. Hope you will someday understand me precious. For I have nothing personal against you using my phone. It’s just my personality to protect and secure everything mine from this crazy world dominated by extroverts who don’t even mind sharing bedroom issues on social media. I Surrender.




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