Phylis Wins Maisha Superstar Awards and Joins the ‘Kaka’ Empire


The long awaited awards, Maisha Magic Superstar Season 1, the music talent show was going down again and the ultimate reality talent showing on the Maisha Magic took six of the musical acts on a dream journey. The Grand price being 1.2 Million shillings plus a recording gear. The ultimate challenge that could bring a superstar home among from the best.

The 6 music celebrity coaches from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania each had a chance of searching 3 of the best. The event attracted the in attendance of AY, Jose chameleon, Rabbit kaka, Nameless, Nazizi Plus the love child, Wyre. A day later after the Africa’s best influential musician list was out with Jose chameleon at Position six and Nameless taking position seven, made the event even bearable.

The finals were blowing the stages to a standstill. Honestly everyone deserved a price, the music and the voices were so captivating, for once four getting to the final list instead of three. The event’s MC, Amina Abdi, making it a place to be. Phy, Spiritsoul, Damian and Fi-lah were on the countdown. Phy taking Rabbit Kaka sungura as her coach performing “Namba” versus Spiritsoul with Jose chameleon as coach performing ‘Hope’ by Mariah Carey versus Fi-lah with Nameless as coach performing an original piece Dholuo song, Damian with AY as coach performing ‘stress’.

Each of the contestants had a chance of live stage performance with their coaches. Fi-lah peformed live the song ‘rudi nyumbani” with Nameless, Damian performing the song ‘home’, Jose chameleon also performed.

On the judges desk was Angela Angwenyi and Judge Ian .Angela always had a reason to give a low score, nevertheless, the music director, Eric Wainaina had a reason to smile impressed of the great performances and the commitments from each of them.

The results were out, Sam from DMC associates released out PHY as the winner with an 81, with 70% from the 5 judge desk and 30% from the audience walking away with the grand price, a recording gear plus a vintage mic. Never had been a coach so happy, Rabbit welcomed Phy, phylis ngetich to the Empire….

“I feel ecstatic about this win. It was not easy since all the other contestants were equally challenging. I thank God and my mentor Rabbit for triumph. It took a lot of effort but the effort has been repaid.



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