Planned TUM Strike Aborts As Freshmen Get their HELB

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First year Students from the Technical University of Mombasa have been complaining to their students leaders about the hardship they were undergoing. These freshmen have been counting hours from the time they were promised by Deputy Secretary for Academic Affairs Mr Nathan Nkonge that their Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) loan will be in their accounts after one hundred and eighty hours and thirty five minutes. Most of them have been checking with their bank balances only to find out that their bank bank were still reading zero balances.

STUDENTSA group of hungry and angry first year students left university at 8:00am on Monday 16th March heading to Kongowea for a planned demonstration. However, they aborted the planned riots and returned to university full of joy, an indications that money was in their accounts.

The students who went to Kongowea informed others about good news in their bank accounts and by 2:00pm there was long queues in all the ATMS within Mombasa town and around Kongowea.

Despite the fact that money was in the accounts of comrades, not all comrades got access to their Helb loan due to bank accounts having been disabled due to dormancy. I spoke to one of the student who was affected Mr Alfred Bushuru a student from the Department of Medical Laboratory Science. The student was stranded at National Bank that is close to university complaining that despite the fact that there is money in account he could not access to it due to account being dormant for a long time.

Some students who received their Helb loan are still complaining that Helb did not send all the money, it has only send money for first semester and we are now in second semester and is coming to and end. Speaking to one of Mr Enock Seto was complaining that he only got ksh 13,500 in his account and he had a plan of buying tablet that he wanted to use it for research and internet access.

Mr Nathan who is the Technical University of Mombasa Students Organization (TUMSO) Secretary Academic Affairs thanked all first years for their patience. He also promised them the same shall not happen.




  1. Note all comrades have got the money upto date.We dont know if the helb were doing so to only stop us from striking by funding the few and others.I wonder when
    will they send money to the freshers whose accounts are still reading zero.

  2. we call for Mr. nkonga to come out and explain why other freshmen at TUM have not got the helb loan in their accounts upto date.

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