Plans Underway to Make Raila Odinga win in 2022 and Rule for 5 Years

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Orange Democratic Movement leader Raila Odinga has maintained his silence over 2022 succession plans, declining to confirm whether or not he will run for the Presidency for the fifth time.

However, those within his circle maintain that Odinga is fit and able to lead Kenya and will capitalise on the handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta and the Building Bridges Initiative report to find a way into State House.


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His elder brother Oburu Odinga, on Friday, July 3, revealed that those around Odinga were considering pushing him to succeed Kenyatta, even if it meant being President for one five-year term.

“We have not bowed out of the 2022 race. We don’t see any person who can pose a challenge to Raila and that is why we are saying that let him be president for even one term,” Oburu stated in an interview with the Daily Nation.

His statement was concurred by ODM sources seeking anonymity who stated that it would be beneficial to have Odinga at the helm for one term only, and two terms if possible.


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“In this arrangement between ODM, Jubilee and KANU, you see that KANU ruled for a record 40 years Jubilee has had 10 by 2022. Therefore, ODM being a partner in this and the single largest party after Jubilee stands a better chance to take over the mantle now that we have not been in power, unlike our friends,” the insiders stated.

Oburu compared his brother Odinga with Kenya’s founding President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta who ascended to power with over 70 years of age.

Odinga’s Personal Assistant Dennis Onyango declined to comment on Oburu’s sentiments. However, on Tuesday, June 23, ODM fronted the idea of having Odinga as its flagbearer in 2022.

“He has played a bigger role in the politics of this country so his legacy will be of great concern. Uhuru has been President for seven years and his concern is also about his legacy. His union with Odinga can bring forth something bigger for the country, including even sacrificing their ambitions. 2022 is still far and I believe the two will be on the same page,” ODM Chairman John Mbadi stated.


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This latest plan is set to stage a political storm with Deputy President William Ruto’s camp unveiling a 2022 campaign team for the DP, with eyes set on succeeding Kenyatta. Ruto also dropped his opposition to creating an expanded Executive as proposed under the revised Building Bridges Initiative Report.

“The DP is okay with what will be unveiled. It is his wish to manage this country with like-minded leaders” Keiyo South MP Daniel Rono told journalists on June 30.

The creation of more positions provides the DP with better chips to negotiate ways of collaborating with other leaders which he will use to strengthen is presidential bid.



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