PLOT 12 EPISODE 4:Forget His “Lesbian” Date, Njira Is The Real SULTAN,Scored More Than JOHO


On the last episode of Plot 12, Njira had fixed a date with this Lady he met online, On Facebook to be specific, being at home at plot 12 was too ,he needed  to let it go, to just have a “Whatever Moment” , a lot has happened since then ,most importantly,Njira is still breathing and Plot 12 has a new Comrade, a young fine lass by the name Anita who the rest of the old women around have since started beefing with, just yesterday, I had Mama Njira lament that Anita is too much, her skirt should not be seen anywhere outside when her husband is around. I have been the only Truly single dude at plot 12, seems that is about to change, if things roll as they seem to have been planned by the the wander of this world, I Caleb Koyo, Brother to Apiyo and Adongo will be revealing my running mate before NASA Reveals theirs.

So Njira was out for a date, Plot 12 basically houses the whole’s around this place so the Ninja pulled a Jerome Onyango with some Brown Khaki,a Caleb Koyo with some blue All soar Shoes ,a Bernard Kibet with some Brown Leather Jacket ,backed up with bundle mwitu on his new smartphone to Catch up with the latest on CalebKoyo TV on YouTube, he was looking more dapper than ever before, in fact,he was only a cap away and Sybil Santana could have mistaken him for Ali Hassan Joho, daughter of Mulembe has been crushing on that dude who I apparently defeated in KCSE,A true testimony that there is no Love left under this sun, just Money ,Looks and women. In fact, we are in talks with the Landlord and various sponsors , we are planning a Mega Bash, the fact that Njira defeated Joho in KCSE Should not be left un-celebrated, we must swallow some Vodoski!

The same day Njira was going out on this date, the Government apparently woke up and blinked, the lectures strike was finally over and that meant that the lady Njira used to Flirt with was on her way back ,back to own him like an earring, he just did not know when, so he had to ensure he sets thing straight with his date, since I am considered more educated at plot 12 simply because I am the one who prescribes drugs for those many young Kids who wake me up at Seven with lots of noise at my door calling me “Uncle,babaa” , Njira asked me to walk with him side to side to their meeting point, at BIGWIG’S HOTEL we sat down and he pulled out his new phone carefully like a lady applying lipstick , he made a call and within a minute on, a fine young lass walked over to our table .

“Mambo, wewe ndio Njira,aki tell me its you, unakaa poa kushinda vile nilikuona kwa Picha” She asked hugging Njira, at that point I could see a tiny sweat on Njira’s left hand, A Ninja is not used to these ladies.

“Yeah,ni Mimi,unajua hio camera nilitumia kupiga hio picha uliona ilikua 5 Mega Pixell,now this is me Njira,the most Handsome both Online and offline” Njira replied pulling a Colgate advert like smile, at this point I was sure he was ready to pull through so I needed to “Gerarahia”

“Checki wasee, wacha niende nione ule madhe wa Chapo, ako na Change yangu” I excused myself in the most politely manner ever, that is when Njira deciced to introduce me as a friend who actually he just met on his way to Bigwig’s! Maan, you would have seen my face, picture Batista in a Ring or Jack Bauer calling the President with an Intel. Anyway, like my girlfriend did, I left without uttering a word.

Five minutes later Njira called me and we linked up, he told me that Shiko had spent the entire time taking selfish and sending them to a “Caroline” on her phone book with captions like “Sweety, having fun at BIGWIGS”. Njira could take not much of that, he stormed out, he seem to be convinced that Shiko was a Lesbian, their is no way she Could call  “Caroline” sweety, not before Njira.Not before man and God.

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