PLOT 12 EPISODE 7: We Must be taken to Wakanda Kingdom ,Tenants insist


You know what’s more important than being smart in Plot 12? It’s being Strong. And when I say “Strong”, I am not referring to that son of Adam who scared everybody including teachers on duty in class seven at Homabay Primary. That guy never talked to anyone. He was the only being who donned army like boots in primary school, a record he held most likely for the rest of 2007 and years more after that. When he smiled, he was careful not to show much of his tooth, when he moved around ,he moved so slowly scaring active blood like Jerome Wakimani and Rodgers Achoki.Rumour had it that Strong was a mortuary attendant before he decided to get back to school, something that made us even more scared. He was scary and he knew it, but maybe he was not strong like we thought.Hey Strong! , in case you are reading this, let me apologize before we bump into each other anywhere. I just needed an intro, I hope you don’t Mind, Jerome Says Hi!

That said, Plot 12 had its annual general meeting. Such meetings bring together all the tenants and their representative present their grievances to the caretaker who in turn welcomes the Landlord to address the group with answers. Topping the list this time was the issue of Free WI-FI. Like you all know, Plot 12 was almost losing all its tenants last year and the management had to come up with solutions to keep the young Blood staying, it introduced WI-FI and as everyone knows, nothing excites the Kenyan youth like WI-FI.

The internet connectivity in plot 12 has gone down, Mama Njira cannot handle her research on the new trends as far as Sales and marketing of Kales is concerned. As the caretaker cannot post in time, pictures to the WhatsApp group wishing them a happy Sabbath and bring them up to speed with the latest international standards of being a tenant, there is no point of even trying to share a post when it will take two hours to load. Imagine, you can travel from Nakuru to Nairobi in a Noah before it loads.

Another issue was entertainment, this was Njira’s Idea.Njira wants us to form a new Entertainment Sacco where we each contribute Ksh.70 per week and has so far declared himself the treasurer and vowed to keep the cash away from his Father. Ideally, he wants to use the money on Willy Paul. There is nothing that will make sense to Njira like seeing Pozze performing Live at Plot 12.I honestly don’t know what this kid is using lately but maybe he is mistaking Wizkid for Willy Paul.

Njira also wants the landlord to take the tenants on a Tour of the Wakanda Kingdom. Based on the rumours and signs of rumours he heard at school, Wakanda Kingdom has real beauty. This according to him, is his only chance of revamping his heart desires and achieving his dream of walking down the aisle with a world beauty. There has been a Love outbreak in Plot 12 but it has never affected Njira, maybe a visit to Wakanda will come in handy. Maybe he will come back with the lady of his dreams. Will the landlord agree to these demands?

Plot 12 Continues Next Week.

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