PLOT 12 EPISODE SIX: Njira Forming a Coalition with his Dad Ahead of 2022


Very Cold and dangerous at the same time. Perfect Combo, grass is struggling to come through one more time after a long season of drought. Maybe the long rains and the ice crystals won’t allow them to come out as fast as they wish but that’s Life. The weather itself is messed up, dew everywhere and everything else seem invisible, and the only thing that maybe still stands out is the “PLOT 12” sign post that comes immediately after that corner. The post itself seem to be fading away or maybe dressed by an old cloth, the fog is not giving it its Freedom of expression. It’s that season again, everybody walks around with huge jackets and gloves. Winter is everywhere and plot 12 is not an exception.
Cold getting through my shoes into my toes, spreading through my veins, teeth shaking rhythmically, fingers struggling to strike a balance on the keyboard, lips changing colors depending on the intensity of Cold, running my eyes on Whatsapp just to stalk Lovers and first time Lovers, I see captions of good time, happiness. These things make my muscles ache I know but I can’t stay away from them, at least I see what I cannot experience. You cannot under estimate winter, you cannot under estimate loneliness and above all, never under estimate Plot 12.Its 7PM at Plot 12 and Tenants are most likely settling in for supper or something.
Njira’s Mother is standing at the door holding her waist in a Manner likely to suggest only two things: She is not happy with Raila Odinga Meeting Uhuru Kenyatta, in fact she feels like it’s the second most form of betrayal after Judas-Jesus Kiss, or Maybe Njira has finally secured his inheritance-the Ksh70 she had secured for supper. Mama Njira has the most notorious Son under the sun and that at times make her look like she running a Government or a nation, you can see stress on her face and when she is silent ,you still can hear sound coming from her mouth. Despite all these she still doubles up as Njira’s Legal Counsel and Lawyer. Just last week Njira was caught tongue tasting the landlords only daughter, when the case reached her she was like “ Mimi Najua motto wangu, vitu kama hivo hawezi fanya.Na wewe landlord unadhani sikujui? Juu sijalipa rent ya miezi saba sasa unatafuta Njia ya kunifukuzakwaploti, I know my rights please!”
Just then Baba Njira walks in looking extremely drunk, just a week ago he got saved and promised never to shake hands with the black illicit stuff, let’s assume he was just giving the drink some company this time round.
“Whaaaaaaat a Friend we have in Jeeeeesus, What a friend we have in Jeeeeeeesus” He sings as he struggles to make his feeble legs maintain ground, probably the most difficult form of art to him in that state.
“What a privilege to carry, all our sins to Jesus,I want to the next Kingpin after Odinga,the man to take over come 2022!” Enters Njira .All these time Mama Njira is nodding her head in dismay, one can easily mistake her for drunk woman too, she looks like those chaps who get confused on taking a drop of alcohol, the body does not even have an idea of how to react so they just sit there looking very awake yet dead asleep. Njira and his Dad can make a hit song only if they decide to pursue music later on in future

Njira stole his Mothers Ksh70, he is back home sober and full of talent and holly spirit. His Dad went out without a penny, there is no way he might have irrigated his throat without pay because all the joints have probably blacklisted him,the illicit brews association is a step away from erecting a billboard on his name warning its members of his advances. There is only one play here.Njira Might have met His Dad without the Mother’s Knowledge and the “principal” left out is about to make a presser,

Plot 12 Episode seven continues next week ,

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