PLOT 12 EPISODE THREE:Njira Likely To Get Married Before Finishing School


On the previous episode of Plot 12, the whole place was wired with cables and the tenants could now open Facebook accounts, join the army without bribing anyone, I mean the Kenyans On Twitter Army, Njira could now spend time on You-Tube on Caleb Koyo’s channel catching up with the latest Stories and Videos and most importantly keeping up with the Lecturers strike. So this week we take a digital angle, we do everything online, even booking a space at the tap, Njira has so far created a WhatsApp group and he is pulling a Evans Kirui on everyone including the Landlord, he is the admin and anyone who posts things like “Am also shocked” gets shocked for real by being evicted from the group, I wish Kenya had Njria as the President, Am not mentioning names, most of these thieves dressed in suits could be home massaging their tummies.

Njira is a student at Mango Mango university and with the lectures strike, he has been forced to stay at home, from how he stretches passing my door each morning, I guess waking up to see his father’s Kinuthis Mbugua Like face each morning is more of torture to him, thanks to the Internet wired in the plot, he can now assume some responsibility including being Admin and of course looking for a Girlfriend Online, just yesterday he stopped me at the gate ” Niaje Mr. 254,niliinia Facebook, a naskia kuna Group ya Kilimani Mums and Dads,ati huko kuna Warembo,ni kweli??” he asked.

“Eee Man,huko kuna watu wanaweza sana,hata beshteangu Benard Kibet hushinda huko akiongea na kina Shirko ule mhot”  ,I answered giving him a “No more questions please” face. You know Kibet has been inviting me to join this group (story for another day). Today morning, the whole plot woke up to an exclusive,Njira after being online for the hole night on Facebook, has finally found himself a Shiko, He has so far change the Plot’s WhatsApp group icon and the name ,everything now looks like the Light-skinned Shiko who is now our group Icon, with statements like ” Mama,hivi ndio Obama alipatana na Mitchele” ,he has convinced his mum,that finding a date can lead to a good marriage ,being in his Fourth year of study at Mango Mango university, he feels that ,he needs to find himself a good running mate.

Being the only guy who has been into more relationships and Jobs, Njira has come to me to ask for advice on how to go about his first date, from the look of things Njira is going to get married before rounding up his degree at Mango Mango.

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