Points to Consider when Looking for the Best Prediction Platform in Kenya

Betting and Prediction

Are you new to betting and interested in finding the best source of predictions for match events to make money regularly?

The process above can be a trying exercise for one who doesn’t know much about how things work and the many obstacles that are everywhere on the web. Prediction tips are now being sought more than betting. It has gotten more popular and the interest in it has increased exponentially since ten years ago. Many now earn a living from it by providing the tips directly or creating a platform for where punters can easily gain access.


Here is how to Consistently Bet and Win Each Day

If you’re looking for predictions you can rely on, the task can be frustrating but it must be carried out. This is a task that needs to be done to make sure that the tips you receive and plan to punt on are at least done by a professional who knows what he or she is doing. This doesn’t guarantee that the prediction one receives will prevent losses but that it will keep it to the barest minimum which is what every punter desires. The important factors to look out for when you plan on paying for tips are as outlined below.

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Check records

The result section of whatever sites you land while searching should be your priority and you should check for as back as you can find to determine the accuracy of the tips and the consistency of the tipsters on that platform.

For instance, in Kenya, Check out Guaranteed Betting Tips or Sahihi Bet.

Follow the present prediction slips

The present prediction tips should be monitored closely to see if the results being published are falsified or not. You should do this for a while to be sure so as not to lose your bankroll on tips that are being done by amateurs and has low accuracy.

You can be checking out guaranteed Betting Tips platform or Sahihi Bet platform and noting results and whether they are falsified. You can be cross-checking this before you commit your money in any of the plans.

Check the web for ratings on their performance

The comment section should also be checked while you should also check their social media handles and pages (if any) for comments regarding their tips and if there are accusations of scam and their validity. This can save you from the hurt that comes with being scammed when the necessary research is done by you before making a step.

Visit the Facebook Page for Sahihi Bet here.

When necessary add your own tweak to Prediction slip

This isn’t always recommended and should be avoided whenever possible, which is all the time, but if you know a thing or two about a certain sport and you believe a tip to be wrong you can tweak it a bit like a different ticket and place it separately with a bookie of your choice. If you’re changing a tip make sure you don’t play it together with that which you have bought or acquired from Sahihi Bet or Guaranteed Betting Tips but place them separately to compare which is better.



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