Police Arrest Students in Kisumu While Engaging in Sexual Activities


Eight high school students were arrested in Kisumu’s Lolwe estate for engaging in sex.

Among them were five girls from Rangala Secondary School in siaya county. Three boys from Ngere High School, Nyamasaria Secondary School and Kisumu Boys High School.

Officers from Kondele Police Station arrested the students after a tip-off from the public. The students are suspected to have been hiding in the house for the past one week since the month-long teacher’s strike was called off.

They have been locking themselves during the day and go out at night to club.

A parent who visited her daughter in school found that she had not yet reported where the principal said that 30 of her students had not shown up and their whereabouts were unknown.

The parents however agreed that they be released.

The incident comes just a week after a group of 500 students were arrested at a discohall in Eldoret, on suspicion of engaging in sex and drug abuse.

Several rolls of bhang, condoms and alcohol were confiscated from the students. At the time of the raid, the lights in the hall had been switched off allegedly to allow the students engage in sex. Some who were as young as 12 years. However, they were released on a Ksh 500 fine each.

This comes barely 2 months after another group of 40 students were arrested having sex on a nairobi bound bus and also high on bhang.

All the way from Nyeri-Kirinyaga then Eldoret and now it’s in Kisumu.

This gives a perfect manifestation of moral decline in Kenya and probably if the matter is just allowed to pass through the ears, a time is coming when the same will probably hinder people from hearing.




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