Police Bans Universities from Conducting Security Drills on Their Own


The National Police has dissuaded institutions from undertaking security drills on disaster preparedness on their own.

In a statement signed by Police Spokesman Charles Owino, the National Police noted that while undertaking such drills, authorization must be sought from the relevant police departments.

“The level of alertness is so high in the country following existing terror threats that activities of this nature calling for rapid deployment and mobilization of specialized security units must only be authorized and be coordinated by the highest security office in the country,” read the statement in part.

“We, therefore, want to dissuade Institutions from undertaking such drills on their own. The drills can be undertaken on disaster preparedness but high protocol of authorization must be sought. This must not happen again. Investigations are underway to establish the circumstances in which the exercise went wrong resulting into death and injuries sustained.”

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In the statement, the National Police condoled with the family of the deceased.

“The government takes security exceedingly serious and is doing everything possible to deter and prevent any possible attacks on citizens. We are on high alert and incase of an attack do not panic, do not kill yourself, we will always be there for you .We chose to put our lives on line for you and we shall continue doing it and bid to protect you. We are getting stronger day by day,” read the statement.

Over 20 students were injured, at least three of them critically, after the Monday afternoon mock terror exercise at the Institution of higher learning.

The students were injured in a stampede as they tried to run away from the area, while others jumped from high buildings trying to escape what they thought was a real terror attack.

Reports indicate that some students jumped from the fourth floor of their classrooms while others took to the nearest river in search of an escape route.

The university’s administration said the drill was conducted to test the preparedness of both the students and staff in case of an emergency.

The university has promised to cater for the medical expenses of the injured students.

Following the terror attack at Garrissa University College, it was discovered that there was need to review the security situation in all institutions of higher learning.

The government had directed universities and other institutions of higher learning to develop programs to train students on how to respond during terror situations.

Kenyatta University was the first public university to roll out a program to train students on how to respond during terror attacks.

Source >>> Citizen Digital



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