Police Commandant Warns Maseno University Students Over Hooliganism During SOMU Campaigns

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Maseno University students have been put on the spot for engaging in hooliganism during student elections.

Newly appointed Kisumu County Police Commandant Joseph Limo has slammed university students in the region for engaging in acts of hooliganism and violence during their students’ council election campaigns.

Speaking to the press in his Kisumu Central Police Headquarters office on Monday, Limo said that students from the Maseno University in Kisumu West constituency have in the past engaged in criminal acts during elections.

Maseno University is expected to hold students elections for the 2015-16 year in October.

“Students are the future leaders and stakeholders in this country and they should not be allowed to waste their time in running battles with the police,” he said.

He announced that stern action would be taken against any student caught engaging in criminal activities or hooliganism such as rioting, bullying, and vandalism.

In other news still concerning the institution, Maseno residents have been asked to provide land for the construction of additional hostels for Maseno University students.

Area MCA Samuel Ombogo appealed to the residents to provide land for the construction of more hostels for the institution that he says at the moment, lacks enough accommodation space for more than half of the students.

Speaking on Tuesday during the admission of first-year students at the institution, which is expected to take the whole week, Ombogo said additional hostels could only be constructed once enough land has been acquired from the residents.

While addressing the students, Ombogo said that once enough land has been acquired from the community, he would petition the county government of Kisumu to allocate funds towards the project.

“It is the duty of the county government to ensure that all the devolved units of the national governments are effective and service delivery is noted,” he said.

The institution’s director of communication, Jasper Otieno appealed to the community leaders to avail land for purchase by the institution to end the accommodation crisis.



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