Preparations in Top Gear for the Dedan Kimathi University Beautification Ceremony


There are numerous preparations taking place at Dedan Kimathi University following the announcement of the, Beatification ceremony of Sr Irene Stefani alias “Nyaatha” which means “nyina wa tha” the mother of mercy.

The ceremony will be there on 22nd May 2015 in Dedan Kimathi University grounds. In readiness for the ceremony the Catholic Church diocese of Nyeri are involved in a beehive of activities.

universityIn preparation for the accommodation for the guests the archdiocese of Nyeri has been renovating the Bishop Kirima Memorial hostels alias Catholic Hostels which are owned by the Catholic Church.

Initially the hostels are built to house two students per room and there are two wings one which hosts the ladies and another one which hosts the gentlemen.

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The Catholic hostels are being rebuilt to be self contained units.Outside  the hostel compound we have a lot of beautification that is being done. The paths are renovated and flowers being planted afresh. Archbishop Peter Kairo of the Catholic Archdiocese of Nyeri said many pilgrims are expected to tour the county during the ceremony and appealed to the Nyeri County government to consider improving the status of roads in Nyeri.

universityThe event is expected to attract a lot of visitors from the country and abroad. By hosting this event Dedan Kimathi University is put on a global limelight again considering that not long ago the head of business school Fr  Donatious Mathenge had been invited to represent Kenya as a keynote speaker in environmental ethics in a global event about environment which happened in Bangkok Thailand in 2013.

The pope was to come to the ceremony but owing to his tight schedule he delegated delegated His Eminence, Angelo Cardinal Amato, the Prefect of the Congregation for the, Causes of Saints at the Vatican, Rome.

The students are eagerly waiting to take part in the event which will be broadcast ed all over the world for all the Catholics to have a glimpse of it, However some of the ignorant students have no idea what is happening or what  is going to happen on the said day.



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