President and his Team ‘Forgot’ to Invite DP Ruto for Vaccination Drive


Deputy President William Ruto has defended his use of the Sputnik V vaccine over the AstraZeneca being fronted by the government, saying he wasn’t invited during the vaccination drive for state officials.

“I don’t want to blame anybody… maybe the secretary forgot to inform me,” he said.

Ruto’s taking the an alternative vaccine was seen as defiance.

However, the DP downplayed the matter, saying what is of importance is that he was vaccinated, not that he paid Sh7,000 for the Sputnik vaccine as opposed to the one being offered free of charge by the government.

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“Those who are saying they brought a cheaper vaccine, are they saying they brought a lower quality one? They should stop insulting us,” Ruto said.

The DP said, he in fact, did the right thing by paying for a vaccine instead of queuing to get a jab that would otherwise have been given to a Mama Mboga.

He spoke during an interview with Citizen TV on Thursday night.

The DP appeared to take a swipe at ODM leader Raila Odinga saying that those criticising his taking the Sputnik vaccine do not go to government hospitals such as KNH but rather opt for private facilities.

Raila was admitted at the Nairobi Hospital last month for a series of tests after complaining of fatigue. He was later tested positive for Covid-19, but has since recovered.

Meanwhile, Ruto said he has never changed his leadership style, and in fact that is what made Uhuru pick him as a running mate.

He was responding to Uhuru’s previous analogy of Ruto’s ambition for the country’s top seat where he likened the DP to a runner in a relay race who takes the baton and runs in the opposite direction.

“There is absolutely nothing I have done differently from 2013 to now…I inspected government projects from 2013-2017 and no one complained, but after 2017, it became problematic to some people…I haven’t changed the style of my politics… ”

Ruto maintained, “I know my place.”

The DP said he has never given Uhuru a condition that he had to support him in 2022.

“Nobody should expect to be given the presidency by anyone. It is the people of Kenya who will decide,” Ruto said.

The DP said it is Uhuru who made the statement on his being in power for 10 years and passing the baton to him, not him.

“The President is an adult and he is entitled to change his mind.”

“The President remains my friend, whether he supports me or not.”

Ruto took a swipe at officials in Jubilee party who are out to kick him out.

“Some of these people… like Murathe… some of them appear drunk on national TV. That’s the level of impunity,” he said.

Ruto said he will not be bullied out of Jubilee.



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