President Uhuru Adores Oginga Odinga’s Book ‘Not Yet Uhuru’ in his Madaraka Day Speech

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has today shown his love for Oginga Odinga’s book and that written by Tom Mboya touching on the making of a constitution. He noted that Oginga Odinga’s ‘Not Yet Uhuru’ showed exactly what is still making Kenya to lag behind in terms of development.

While touching on Tom Mboya’s book ‘Freedom and After’, he seemed to be insinuating that Kenya’s constitution needs readjustment to make it work. This is even as the country is looking at the possibility of having a referendum to change the constitution and expand the executive.

President Kenyatta also pointed out that former President Jomo Kenyatta also noted that there is need to build the nation bottom up in his book ‘Facing Mount Kenya’. He said that it is for the founding fathers reason that he came up with the Big four Agenda.

He noted that his administration has managed to build roads more than any other administration which came before his. He said that they have re-envisioned the Port of Kisumu and placed Lake Victoria as the main source of revenue for not only locals but also beyond the Kenyan boarders.

President Kenyatta has also taken to task those who have been calling the Railway he has built, the ‘Lunatic Express’ saying that they do not know the history of where the country has come from and how Nairobi City came into being. He says that, Nairobi blossoming nature is why they called it ‘Madaraka Express’.

To fight ignorance, Kenyatta noted that his government has come up with a competency based curriculum to improve the education sector in the country. He also noted that they have built infrastructure and connected 99% of schools to electricity.

He said that in 7 years, they have connected up to 3.5 million homes to electricity.

He also mentioned the Healthcare programmes so far rolled out by the government. He said that they have made treatments in the country affordable through NHIF. His statement comes at a time when the country is struggling to control the Coronavirus. He said that they are working closely with the county governments to fight the pandemic.

As a recap, President Kenyatta noted that Tom Mboya said that a constitution can be rigid and can lead to generation of a political cancer. He therefore urged Kenyans to focus on two things; unity and governance.

He said that he is not replacing the 2010 constitution but to improve on it. He said that this will bring an end to post-election violence which has been there since 1992.

Kenyatta said that he is also angling to change the political architecture of the country and re-imagine cultures and the national dream.



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