President Uhuru to End Curfew as COVID-19 Curve Flattens

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President Uhuru Kenyatta is set to deliver speech over health status in the country today. The head of state is weighing options on whether to ease COVID-19 restrictions in the country or not.

The country experiences a freeze in the economy. Many businesses are closing. A huge number of people are also being laid off. Kenya Airways for instance looks forward to get rid of half of their pilots in order to reduce operational costs.

President Uhuru Speech

According to health experts in the country, Kenya is yet to experience the peak in COVID-19 Cases. The group has indicated that the cases will peak as from next month. But other surveys show that Africa might have gone through the peak of the virus without knowing.

Currently, Kenya is seeing a reduction in number of new cases registered each. This, the Ministry of Health officials attribute to the fact that sample size for testing has also reduced significantly.

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WHO recommends that a country reopens its economy when the rate of infection is below 5% over a period of 14 days. In their last update, the Ministry of Health indicated that the positivity rate still remains at 7%.

President Uhuru Hard Choices

Kenya started with a partial lockdown and cessation of movement in certain areas but the cases have since risen steadily. President Kenyatta had also banned all gatherings as a measure of ensuring that social distancing directive is achieved. The head of government later on noted that the country cannot continue with enforcing certain restrictions since they are a nuisance to the economy.

President Uhuru in his last update to the nation, continued to ease restrictions allowing inter county movements. This he did after ensuring that all counties had set up a minimum number of beds and isolation centers locally. He had ordered the number to be set at 300 ICU beds per county.

In anticipation of the President’s speech this afternoon, Kenyans took to Twitter under the hashtag #UhuruHardChoices to acknowledge some of the decisions they look forward to at the end of the day.

While others wish for the full re-opening of the economy, a number still hold that Kenya is yet to achieve anything in the fight against the virus. The latter have urged the President to extend the period of curfew and other restrictions.



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