President Uhuru’s Adopted Son Hints at Voting for Raila Odinga in 2017 Elections

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President Uhuru Kenyatta’s adopted son has indicated that he is yet to make an open decision as to whom he will be voting for in the 2017 general elections. To many Kenyans, it sounds obvious to conclude that due to the act of kindness that the President has exhibited towards Owira and his family, the young lad now studying at Multimedia university will automatically vote for the Jubilee Party candidate. But in a candidate Interview with one of the dailies, the ‘Otonglo Times’ sensational narrator was adamant to admit whom he will be voting for in the 2017 elections.

‘My vote is my secret.”, Daniel Owira, who did his KCSE last year in Highway Secondary School told the press.

Owira almost ‘killed the president’ with laughter, an act that saw him win favour at State House and from the Uhuru family. His tickling narrative Otonglo Times, in a way, defined the shift of times in terms of scripting and delivery of a narrative. Owira, in less than an hour, had arrested the attention and interest of not only Kenyans and the drama fraternity, but also that of president Uhuru Kenyatta.

“The president is like my father. He pays my fees. He is my mentor and my best friend. I call him dad,” he says.

Asked how frequently he meets the president, he says:  “Not as frequent. He is very busy. I saw him last in August 2015. I have a way of getting a word to him though.”

The 22-year-old says his popularity hasn’t changed him as an individual.

“Being on TV and in the news has humbled me. It’s been a good experience, quite challenging at times,” adding that, “I became a ‘celeb’ and now, for some, reason, my friends and most people I know think I have a lot money to dish out, which is not the case.

The student of Film and Animation currently advertises Kaduda, a cellphone by Orange mobile phone services provider.

About dating he says: “I am not dating, but I have friends, both male and female who are very close to me.” Jesus Christ, he says, is his role model.




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