Presidential Digitalent Programme -A Paid Internship Opportunity


The Presidential Digital Talent Program is a Presidential initiative to be implemented by the Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology (MoIC) through the ICT Authority (ICTA).

It is a partnership between the government and a number of stakeholders in the private and public sector. The programme is in line with the country’s Vision 2030, the Jubilee Manifesto and the ICT Master Plan developed by the ICT Authority (ICTA). It is a transformative initiative that should see ICT managed as a business in government.

The intern will be part of a team of exceptional people who help customers realize their full potential through accelerated adoption and productive use of technologies. The programme aims to provide an opportunity for on the job training to enhance capacity and employability of interns for a better professional future. The internship programme will offer participants an environment in which they can understand government services, and provide them with an opportunity to contribute towards improving service delivery to citizens. The internship will be on full time basis for a period of one year.

digitalentThis is a competitive programme and selection will be conducted on merit.The hiring of interns will be in line with laws of Kenyan laws and conform to the Kenyan Constitution, especially with respect to inclusivity, diversity and equity. The programme targets university degree students who have graduated in the last two years. They must have graduated from October 2012 or later.

To apply,the interns should have graduated with a BSc or relevant ICT related degree in:
. Electrical Engineering degree programs and their equivalents (e.g., computer engineering, electronic engineering or
telecommunications engineering)
. Computer Science or equivalent degree programs (e.g. Computer science, applied computer science, Mathematics and
computer science).
. Information Systems and Information Technology degree programs (e.g. Information systems, Information technology and
Computer technology)
Applicants must be from Universities accredited to offering the indicated BSc programmes and recognized by the Government and should have attained second upper honors as a Minimum.

The Intern must demonstrate the following competencies:

1.A reasonable understanding of all facets of ICT and its role in service delivery.
2.In-depth understanding of ICT and its application in enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.
3.Ability to perform a number of specialized and non-specialized tasks associated with improving service delivery through the use of ICT.
4.Ability to critically assess and provide input towards improvement of business processes in support of improved service delivery.
5.Have skills for innovative thinking
6.Shows promise of leadership and management.
7.Demonstrates a good understanding of the role of government and how government functions, especially with respect to service delivery.
8.Has clear commitment to public service and improvement in service delivery.
9.Appreciates the country’s cultural diversity as well as the diversity of individual skills, knowledge and occupation, all of which are necessary for effectiveness and efficiency.
10.Personable and demonstrated desire to work in public service and passion for ICT.
11.Must be fluent in written and spoken English.

Instructions for application
• Read the instructions carefully
•Only online applications will be considered
•Submit a duly completed online application form
•Attach required documents as follows:
-Your updated Curriculum Vitae
-A Certified Copy of National ID
-Certified copy of Academic Certificates/Transcripts
-Certificate of good conduct or receipt of application for the same
-Endorsement letter from university attended
•Incomplete Applications will not be considered.

All applications must be submitted by end-of-day, Wednesday 24 December 2014

Please click here to apply online.



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