Product Review: Skincare Mikky Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is one of the most versatile products on the earth’s surface thus making it a super product. Ranging from skincare to animal use and as a culinary product, this oil offers a load of benefits to both humans and pets. It contains medium-chain fatty acids commonly referred to as the healthy fatty acids which give it antimicrobial properties. This therefore make it an ideal skincare product and ingredient.

The Mikky Beauty coconut oil offers nothing less than discussed above. It is a high quality virgin oil, cold pressed, pure and organic oil. It is also a Kenyan product obtained from the coastal region produced and packaged in a safe and sterile environment.

It comes in three sizes; 207g selling @Ksh 250, 330g selling @Ksh 400 and selling 500g @Ksh 650.


The uses of this oil are limitless.

Hair Care

The oil is an excellent deep conditioner for all hair types which is used after shampooing your hair. It can also be applied after shampooing and conditioning the hair to detangle it and provide protection from excessive hair fall. It also acts as a good scalp moisturizer for an itchy or dry scalp by providing a cooling feeling. It is also good for combating dandruff.

Skin Care

Just like hair, skin needs proper care. Coconut oil, filled with antioxidants and antimicrobial properties, is therefore an excellent skincare product. It is used as a daily moisturizer which can be applied full body after taking a shower. It is a great lip balm providing the much needed protection to the lips. Makes a very good DIY sunscreen when mixed with other essential oils providing protection to your skin from harmful rays. Used as a hand moisturizer, it provides care to the cuticles preventing them from cracking and keeps the hands smooth. It provides healing of cracked heels when used continuously following a leg wash before bed followed by oiling and wearing of socks. It is a great massage oil that increases the skin’s elasticity therefore, a good massage oil for use in pregnancy.



Its characteristic antioxidants and antimicrobial properties make it a very good oil to consume. It is preferred for cooking due to its high smoking point compared to vegetable oils. It also has a longer shelf life than other oils. Ideal for baking where it substitutes vegetable oils and butter and can be used to grease the baking pans. One can have a spoonful of the plain oil a day or add it to coffee, smoothies or shakes to meet the energy requirements.


It can be added to your pet’s meals as a source of the healthy fatty acids. It is also great for the pet’s dental hygiene and can therefore be used to brush their teeth. It is a great product for the pet’s coat which keeps it shinny.

Overall, the benefits of coconut oil cannot be exhausted, as new ways to use it are discovered every other day. You can also come up with new DIY recipes by using the Mikky oil and share with us on our social media platforms.

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