Prominent Persons Twitter Accounts Hacked, Million of Dollars Stolen through Bitcoin Scam

3 Students Arrested for Hacking the School Computer and Changing Their Grades
An incident of hacking into the school computer systems and changing the subject grades has been spotted in a New York high school. Three students have been accused and arrested for conducting this act.

Last night, Kenyan time, coordinated posts appeared on some prominent accounts announcing Bitcoins for fans, followers etc.It was a scam.

The Twitter accounts of Microsoft Co founder Bill Gates, Tesla founder Elon Musk, Online retail giant Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, US Rapper and Presidential candidate Kanye West, Uber, Apple and other high profile accounts were hacked by Bitcoin scammers.

As at 12:17 am, 5,314 people had fallen for the scam, and sent these hackers $7.8M USD (Sh800 million).

Twitter has confirmed that indeed security was breeched for the mentioned accounts calling for patients to allow them conduct investigations.

There has been concerns on security features of applications such as tiktok which is growing so fast. Others include Facebook and WhatsApp which are equally having a hard time dealing with hackers who still the data of persons registered on the platforms.

Here is what the hackers posted.

Jeff Bezos
Bill Gates
Kanye West
Elon Musk

This is one of the greatest money heist in history.



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