Raila Intervenes After Woman Screams at Rally


Raila Odinga’s speech in Ganze, Malindi was cut short when a woman who had pushed through the crowd to get to the podium started screaming.

The womans’ cry and the commotion created by Raila’s security team prompted him to find out what was happening.

“Allow her to come. Leave her, leave her guys. Bring her here,” Raila told his security men during a rally to drum up support for the Building Bridges Initiative that aims to amend sections of the constitution.


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The supporters at the rally cheered as the woman was escorted to the podium. He dipped his right hand in his pocket removed what appears to be money, kissed it, and gave it to her. The lady who was exhilarated was then escorted away from the podium as everyone cheered on.

In a bid to calm the elated crowd, he called out the BBI slogan to draw the attention back to the agenda.

Addressing his supporters, he said that he had talks with the government on the way forward for the country.


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“They sought me asking to have a talk and I gave conditions on your behalf. We identified nine things that hinder development in our country,” he stated.

Raila named corruption, tribalism, marginalization, election rigging, and administrative actions meant to be implemented by the government but have stalled among other issues. He further added that the BBI seeks to solve them and promote the youth to be self-employed.

“We are instituting a new fund drive. The National Youth Development Fund. The money will be deposited in it and loaned to the youth. Every county will have a training center college. Youth will be trained on skills to kick-start their business and awarded Certificates,” explained Raila.


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“After that, you’ll get an interest-free loan for seven years with no security.”

The ODM party leader assured that all the proposals contained in the BBI will be implemented six months after the constitutional changes are passed.



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