Raila Odinga Abandons Uhuru, Joins DP Ruto in Third Revenue Formulae Row

Ruto, Uhuru, Raila Odinga

ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga has withdrew his support for the 3rd basis revenue sharing formula. Odinga now seems to be reading from the same page with Deputy President William Ruto and has called for adoption of a win-win formulae. The formulae which has brought stalemate in the floor of the senate has been endorsed by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

While speaking to a local TV station yesterday, Raila Odinga noted that he had supported the formula before because he was not fully briefed about what it entails.

Majority Whip

The proposal by Majority Whip Irungu Kang’ata’s has been depicted to be championing for a loss in revenue for some counties.

“When I wrote an article for the CRA I had just come from Dubai and I didn’t know that the CRA report had been changed by a committee in Parliament,” he stated.

The former prime minister has also urged the Commission for Revenue Allocation to develop a win-win formula.

He vouched for a formulae which other than population and landmass, would also factor in pastoralism in the North East and the blue economy in the coast and lake regions.

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Raila preferred that senators should maintain the current formula until another one agreed to by everyone is developed.

Many leaders from the Mt Kenya region have been pegging their support for the Building Bridges Initiative on the adoption of the new revenue formula.

Senator Kang’ata had warned Raila Odinga and ODM Party that should the bill fail to sail through, the Jubilee party will vote against the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

“If for any reason the bill does not sail through, then we might have to reconsider our stand on the BBI,” he remarked.

Central Kenya

An evidently angered Murang’a Governor Mwangi wa Iria also promised consequences for the collapse of the new revenue formula.

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“For instance Murang’a water is used in Nairobi. Firms use our water in industries that make billions in profits. Why should I accept the Senate to adopt a formula that allocates very little resources to us?” he questioned.

“If money shall be allocated to counties because they have expansive land, then we should also be fairly compensated for all our water if not I will block them from accessing it,” he warned.



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